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Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2021 gate control work instruction No. 1
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    In accordance with the Notification of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council on COVID-19 prevention and Control during the New Year's Day and Spring Festival of 2021,Notice of Chongqing Education Commission on Further Strengthening safety Precautions in The Education System this Winter and next SpringAnd the meeting of the Leading Group of Epidemic Prevention and control held by the CPC Municipal Committee on January 6, 2021, and the video meeting of epidemic prevention and control work held by the Municipal Education Commission on January 11, 2021,In accordance with the requirements of the Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control in winter Vacation,The school goes all out,Pay special attention to the recentThe university's epidemic prevention and control work, next step strict door management, strict implementation of identity verification and health verification。With the approval of the prevention and control leading group of the school, the no. 1 work instruction of gate post control in 2021 will be implemented from January 23, 2021。


一、Strict school gate management

  (I) Huxi Campus

1.Huxi District will continue to close the south gate, the east gate, the side gate of the art Museum, the back gate of sami Supermarket, and the small iron gate of No. 1, no. 2 and No. 3 of nanmen Commercial Street。


  3.Social vehicles that have been approved to enter the new campus should pass the approval (including household electric battery vehicles, decoration vehicles, maintenance vehicles, express vehicles, etc.) through the north gate。

  4.Any business that is interlinked with the school must be rectified to meet the requirements of the school for epidemic prevention and control before being allowed to operate。

(2) Huangjueping Campus

1.Huangjueping Campus continues to close back doors and playground side doors。

Second, strict campus control

  To enter the school, teachers and students need to pass identity check and temperature measurement。Other personnel and vehicles that need to enter the school for public or private purposes shall be approved and reported and meet the health conditions for entering the school before they are allowed to enter the school。To enter the school, students must pass the identity check and temperature measurement, show the Chongqing health and travel code, and people from middle and high risk areas are refused to enter the school。

1.The faculty and staff of the school can enter the campus with the campus ONE card。

2.Students enter campus with the 2021 Winter Vacation Campus Access Card。

3.Faculty and staff's family members and other residents living in the campus and those who need to enter the campus for a long time (more than one month) can enter the campus with the campus Access card and ID card issued by the university。         

4.School logistics staff (property staff, canteen staff, etc.) shall enter the campus with valid certificates such as "campus access card" and ID card。

5.For visitors on business, the person in charge of the reception unit shall check their travel and residence history, contact history and health history. For those who meet the requirements of entering the school, they shall fill in the name, license plate number, time and reason of entering the school in accordance with the prescribed format, and the approval information shall be sent to the "Guard Control wechat Group" for reporting。

6.For private personnel (housekeeping service, maintenance, decoration, visiting relatives and friends, etc.), the applicant shall apply to the person in charge of his/her own unit, and non-teaching staff residents shall apply to the property company in the family area. After approval, the approval information will be sent to the "Guard Control wechat Group" for reporting。

7.Express vehicles need to apply to the security Department for approval,Come to the north gate to get the temporary pass card with the approval form, and return the temporary pass card to the gate when leaving the school。

8.Those who need to enter the school for teaching, scientific research and creation for a short period of time (more than 2 days, less than a month) shall enter the school with relevant certificates issued by the secondary unit。

9.Takeaway vehicles and takeaway staff are strictly prohibited to enter the campus. All staff takeout food will be delivered to the "takeaway pick-up area" at the north gate and students' takeout food will be delivered to the "takeaway pick-up area" at the south gate.。

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Defence:         Huang Xin zheng Jiahong       

Bao Li Property In Family Area: He Xiaoping zhang Hong

Campus New Dazheng Property: Wu Mei king Ying Bang

Old campus Anan Property: Huang Bing Yu Dehua


                                                                        Prevention and Control Office of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

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