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Notice on publicizing the candidate list of advanced Individuals and Advanced collectives for College students in Chongqing in 2021
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Each unit:


According to chongqing Education Commission office on the development Notice of 2021 Advanced Selection activity for College Students (Chongqing Education Office Letter (2021) No. 4) relevant requirements,Recommended by each unit,Review by relevant functional departments of the school,The following students are recommended to be selected as advanced individuals and advanced collectives of University students in Chongqing in 2021,The whole school is now open for 3 days,If you have any objection during the publicity period, please report to relevant departments before 17:00 on May 19, 2021。

Contact person and contact Information:

Mr Tang (Student Affairs Office),65920198,646205781@qq.Com. 

Mr Hui (Graduate Studies Office),65921050,51668201@qq.Com.

Mr. Li (School Youth League Committee),65921057,。

注:如有异议,三好学生、优秀学生干部、优秀本科毕业生、创新能力提升先进个人和先进班集体向学生处反映;优秀毕业研究生向研究生处反映;Advanced individual in sports activities, art education activities, spiritual civilization construction, volunteer service activitiesReport to the school Youth League Committee。


附件:2021 Advanced Individual and Advanced Collective candidate list of Chongqing University Students

                                    Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

 May 17, 2021


2021 Advanced Individual and Advanced Collective candidate list of Chongqing University Students


One, merit students (total 11 名)

MaNingNing  Generation of poem yao      Pay the purple sakura      PeiGuoDong

Accounted for from Aaron      Wen Xiu show  Yu-ting sun  Chen Yixi             

Ii. Outstanding Student Cadres (total 8 名)

The dragon smile  Yu-ling li  Su Xiaolin  Wang Ziyue  Yao Mengling  Tan Yandan

Li Siyao  Lin Ke into        

Outstanding Graduate students (total 3 名)

   Yang think of worldly pleasures  Wei Yifeng

Outstanding undergraduate graduates (total 16 名)

Yu Shuangjiang  titi  vivienne  Hua-jie sun  "Cotyledon  Zhou Zixiong

Liao Wenjing  Yuan-yuan zhu  Wu salsa  When the dream shine  Li Xiaoyi  MaiHaoRan

WeiRuiYuan      Fu Wen -- -               

Five, advanced class (total 4 个)

Artistic peopleThe faculty of arts2019Level of artAnd cultural heritage

School of Film and Television Animation2017Animation product design class

School of Plastic Arts2019Oil painting Class 3, Grade 1

Design institute2018Grade I product design

6. Advanced Individuals in the construction of Spiritual Civilization 13 名)

When the horse was  Meng Xiaowen  Wang Yuyao  Blue uniform,  Li Huazi    

Chen Junfeng  QingRuiYu          The king gets such as  Sun Yifen


Vii. Advanced Individual in volunteer service Activities (total 13名)

   Zhou Linqi  Chen Yixuan  Huang Bijun  Division of rich and powerful  Jiang Ming qiao  

Wu Yu butterfly  Liu Xingyun  Huai-rui cui  QuYeRong  Cheng Junhao  Xue-lian Yang

Que small Yan  

Eight, innovation ability to enhance advanced individuals (total 2 名)

Yu Zehua  Into WanZe

Ix. Advanced Individual in sports activities (total 4 名)

Zhang Yifan  Lin-lin huang  John peng wang yuan  Wu Xue soft

X. Advanced individual in art education activities (total 6 名)

The Zhang Yi  Yang Qifan  Zou woven lemon  TaoSiYu  Liu ShuYang    



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