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Sichuan Fine Arts Institute of 2021 Chongqing graduate education and teaching reform research project recommendation list public
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根据Chongqing Education CommissionOn the Development of2021Notice of chongqing Graduate Education and Teaching reform Research Project establishment work (chongqing Education Office letter2021-219Document requirements, graduate office actively organize the application and evaluation work。经过Expert groups on campus and off campusSerious selection, intended to recommend10Items (which containTwo directional projects of the Education Commission) applied for chongqing graduate education and teaching reform project。There is now a school-wide program3If you have any objections, please contact2021528下午Report to graduate Office of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute before 17:00。


Contacts:Zhou Qianmian          Contact Number:023-65921047


附件:2021Chongqing graduate education and teaching reform research project application summary form


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