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Sichuan Fine Arts Institute 2021 municipal graduate research and innovation project application recommendation publicity
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According to chongqing Education Commission on the developmentNotification of Application for Graduate Research Innovation Projects in 2021 (Chongqing Teaching and Research Letter (2021) No. 2) requires that I have recently carried out the application and evaluation of municipal graduate research innovation projects. On the basis of the projects proposed to be recommended by each academic site and reviewed by university-level experts,recommend7 projects have participated in the application of municipal graduate research and innovation projects, now the list is published (see attachment)。

If you have any questions or comments on the above proposed projects, please contact us at2021.6.10——2021.6.14) Contact Teacher Xu of Graduate Office of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (office phone number)。


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June 10, 2021


附件【List of 2021 Municipal Postgraduate Research And Innovation Projects of Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts (Public Attachment).xlsx】 have downloaded


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