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Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts 2021 Examination recruitment doctoral staff guidelines
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In order to strengthen the construction of the staff of public institutions and standardize the recruitment behavior, according to the "Regulations on the Administration of Personnel of public institutions" (Decree no652No.), And Measures for The Implementation of Open Recruitment of Personnel in Public Institutions of Chongqing (Yurenfa [200644No.) and the Notice on Further Standardizing the Open Recruitment work of Public Institutions issued by the Organization Department of CPC Municipal Committee and the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (Yuren Social Development [2011326No.) and other provisions, after the municipal Human resources and social security bureau for the record, now for social assessment recruitment of public institutions staff。

I. Introduction to the company

Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts is the only institution of higher learning in southwest China. It covers an area of total area with huangjueping Campus in Jiulongpo District and Huxi Campus in Shapingba District1200亩。201811In May, the school was located in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing150International Design School (West China Art Port)。

The university now consists of the School of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, The School of Plastic Arts, the School of Arts and Humanities, the School of Art Education, the School of Film and Television Animation, the School of Architecture and Environmental Art, the School of Design, the School of Experimental Art and the School of Public Art。Since the beginning of the new century, the educational cause of the university has made rapid development, and has built a first-class professional art gallery and library, a first-class art creation community, a first-class art teaching demonstration center, and a first-class innovation and entrepreneurship"Mass creative Space" has good educational conditions in the national professional art colleges and universities。

The school has full-time teachers628People, full-time undergraduate students, master's students and international students7550人。The school has fine arts, design, drama and Film and Television, art theory under the categories of fine arts4All the first-level disciplines recruit master students。During the 13th Five-Year Plan period,4All the first-level disciplines are supported and constructed as key disciplines in Chongqing, among which fine arts and design are supported and constructed as first-class disciplines in Chongqing。In the fourth round of national discipline assessment, 4All the first-level disciplines were listed, with fine arts awardedA-Design was evaluatedB+, the discipline strength of chongqing city and the country in the forefront of similar institutions。

Ii. Recruitment principles

We will adhere to the principles of democracy, openness, equality, competition and meritocratic selection, and conduct evaluations and inspections in accordance with the standards of having both political integrity and ability。

Recruitment unit and number of employees

The recruitment of doctoral staff for social assessment45Name, among them, open recruitment38A full-time teacher,6A counselor,1Full-time researchers, please refer to the attachment for specific job conditions1

Iv. Scope and target of recruitment

(1) Basic conditions

1.Having the nationality of the People's Republic of China;

2.Abide by the Constitution and laws;

3.Having good conduct;

4.Adapt to the physical condition of the post requirements;

5.Meet other requirements of the post;

6.Have the necessary conditions of the position stipulated by the state。

(II) The following personnel are not included in the scope of this recruitment


现役军人;在读的非应届毕业生;试用期内的机关事业单位人员;市内未满机关事业单位招录(聘)公告中或双方签订的事业单位聘用合同中约定的最低服务期限的人员;尚未建立人事关系但参加我市机关事业单位招录(聘)已按程序完成体检或考察的拟聘用人员;我市公费培养、定向到乡镇教育(医疗卫生)机构就业,Normal (medical) students who have not completed their service period or have not terminated their training and employment agreements according to the prescribed procedures before the promulgation of these rules。

Persons under other circumstances who may not be employed as staff members of an institution as prescribed by laws and regulations。

(3) Age calculation

The cut-off time for age calculation as required in this Brief is20211231日,如35Under the age of", meaning not full36One full year of life, in198611Born on or after, and so on。

(4) Certificates and majors of graduation (degree)

The majors required in these rules refer to the professional directory of colleges and universities issued by the National Education administrative department and the Professional Reference Directory of Civil Servants for Examination Recruitment in Chongqing municipality (2015(revised in the second half of 2008) to check the consistency of the professional and job requirements of the applicants。

The professional qualification examination shall be subject to the name of the major specified in the graduation certificate (excluding the minor major or related certificates of the minor degree major)。Applicants should be honest, accurate and standardized to fill in the graduation major when registering。

The appellation of the same major is inconsistent because of different educational levels,视为符合专业要求;专业名称与《jdb电子游戏》中专业称谓相似但不完全一致,Can prove that the content of the course is consistent with the professional requirements of the position,By the unit responsible for the examination of qualification conditions,Can be regarded as in line with professional requirements。

Applicants should apply for the exam with the diploma they have obtained.2021Recent graduate, must be in20211231I have obtained the corresponding graduation (degree) certificate recently。Applicants who are studying in foreign universities shall have their academic degrees certified by China Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education before publication。

(5) Special instructions

The conditions specified for the job advertised in this brochure, such as 35Under or above the age of one35周岁;3More than one year of working experience means full working experience3年;专技10Grade above or below, including special skills10Level, and so on。

Except as expressly agreed, all time nodes referred to in these Rules shall be calculated on the date of publication of these Rules。

This General rules requires that the qualifications for all kinds of professions (practice) shall be subject to the original certificate or the supporting materials provided by the certificate-issuing authority, and shall be provided during the qualification examination (re-examination) unless expressly agreed。

5. Preliminary examination of registration and qualification

This examination recruitment for online registration, any units and individuals can not refuse to meet the conditions for any reason to apply for and participate in the examination。

(1) Online registration

1.Submission of application。

The applicant is in20215289时至2021123117Please download and fill in the Application Form for Open Recruitment of Staff of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (see attachment)2) together with my CV,20Self introduction within the pagePPTPPTThe material content should include the applicant's main study, work experience and teaching, scientific research, creation achievements"I graduated from a school with the highest degree+学位+姓名+To apply for the unit+Applied Major (Position)"Named folder, through the way of E-mail to the employer, the mail box (see the attachment1) Contact bar。Enter oneself for an examination personnel can choose a post in an unit only to have sign up, sign up the id card that uses when checking must be consistent。Applicants should read this brochure and the attachment carefully, fill in the application information truthfully and accurately as required, upload electronic materials (including photos) and record key information。Those who practice fraud shall, once verified, be disqualified for examination or employment。

2. Preliminary examination of entry qualification。The recruitment units according to the information submitted by the applicants, the control of the post registration requirements, the qualification of the first review, and in the receipt of the applicants for materials15Review opinions will be submitted within days。对符合应聘条件并达到单位岗位要求的,由用人单位向学校进行推荐,不得拒绝报名;对审查不合格的,应说明理由。

3.Query the preliminary qualification result。Applicants recommended by the employer to the school , the school will reply to confirm by email or phone, and inform them of the examination。Those who fail to pass the preliminary examination of qualifications shall not participate in the examination。Applicants should carefully choose the company and position to apply for. Once the applicant passes the qualification examination, the applicant cannot change the company and position to apply for (If you have any questions about the result of the qualification examination, you can consult the recruitment department or unit, and the contact number is shown in the attached table).。

Six, evaluation

The recruitment assessment includes professional skills test and comprehensive interview。

The applicants should take their ID cards to attend the examination according to the time and place notified by the employer and other requirements。Please refer to Sichuan Fine Arts Institute for the specific assessment methods of each post2021List of annual doctoral Recruitment positions (Attached)1)。

(I) Professional skills test (score100分)

1.Teaching and scientific research positions: applicants' basic professional knowledge, professional practical ability and other contents are comprehensively considered in the form of lectures, and the test time is about20Minutes. The specific time and place will be notified by phone or email depending on the registration status。

 2.Instructor position: In the form of case analysis, the applicant's professional basic knowledge, professional practice ability and other contents are taken into comprehensive consideration. The test time is about20 Minutes. The specific time and place will be notified by phone or email depending on the registration status。

(2) Comprehensive interview (score100分)

1.Teaching and scientific research positions: review, evaluate and score the doctoral creation and scientific research achievements through on-site defense。The test time is approximately15Minutes. The specific time and place will be notified by phone or email depending on the registration status。

2.Instructor position: adopt comprehensive defense interview, taking comprehensive consideration of candidates' language expression, comprehensive analysis, logical thinking, team spirit, professional quality and other aspects。The test time is approximately15Minutes. The specific time and place will be notified by phone or email depending on the registration status。

Interview shall be organized in accordance with the Interview Measures for Publicly Recruited Staff in Public Institutions of Chongqing (Yuren Social Development 2016281Number), etc。Those who fail to attend the interview at the designated place on time will be disqualified。The interview result will be announced on the spot and signed by the examinee。

(3) Calculation of the total examination result

Total score=Professional skills test scores×50%+Comprehensive interview scores×50%

The total score is calculated by a percentage system, rounded to two digits after the decimal point。The total score of the examination for theoretical professional positions (including instructor and scientific research positions) should be achieved85Score or above, the total score of practical majors (including painting, art design and drama and film and television majors) should be achieved80Points or more。Those who fail to reach the minimum control score will be disqualified for recruitment and physical examination。Applicants who reach the minimum control score will be graded from high to low according to their total score1:1Selection of candidates for medical examination。If there is a tie in the total scores of the examination, the candidates with high academic background, professional title, professional qualification, practicing qualification, written test score of professional subjects and professional skill test score that meet the qualifications of the post will be given priority to enter the physical examination。If they are still the same, they will organize additional tests, and those with higher scores will be given priority。

7. Physical examination and inspection

The standards of physical examination refer to the Notice on the Revision of the General Standards of Physical Examination for Civil Servants Recruitment (Trial) and the Manual of Physical Examination for Civil Servants Recruitment (Trial) (Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security)2016140According to the actual requirements of the industry or position, and fill in the "Public Institution Staff Employment Physical Examination Form"。

The physical examination shall be carried out in designated qualified medical and health institutions at or above the county level (generally grade 2 and above)。Except for the items that should be re-examined and confirmed on the spot or the same day according to relevant regulations, if the employer or the examinee has any objection to the conclusion of the physical examination, they can start from the date of receiving the notice of the conclusion of the physical examination7A written application for reexamination shall be submitted within days, and a one-time reexamination shall be conducted in the designated hospital after approval by the comprehensive personnel management department of the institution. The reexamination conclusion shall prevail。

Medical pass,The competent authorities shall, in conjunction with the recruiting units, follow the Inspection Measures for Publicly Recruiting Staff in Public Institutions of Chongqing,Conduct a comprehensive survey of the prospective employee,Including their political and ideological quality, moral quality cultivation, ability quality, discipline and law, daily learning and work and whether to avoid the unified organization inspection,Make an investigation conclusion based on facts。After the list of inspection objects is determined, the applicant shall be notified in time。

The employees of municipal government institutions who are in the probation period or the minimum service period are excluded from the scope of this recruitment。The applicant is full of work in the current unit5Prior to the inspection, the attachment shall be issued with the Promise of Good Faith Employment for Staff of organs and Public institutions3);The applicant is in现单位在编工作未满5Before the interview, the applicant shall present the Promise of Good faith Employment for Staff of government organs and public institutions. If the applicant fails to provide timely information or provides false information, he/she will be disqualified for the follow-up procedure。

Inspection should adhere toThe inspection team shall strictly examine the personnel files, integrity records, illegal and criminal records of the prospective employees in accordance with the principle of "who reviews, who is responsible for" and inspection of traces, and confirm whether the registration materials provided by the prospective employees and all kinds of information materials related to the qualification for examination are true。Pay attention to field investigation, extended investigation, official website inquiry and other ways, through the [China Higher Education Students information Network ( for academic qualifications, China Academic Degrees and Postgraduate Education Information Network ( for academic degrees, China Executive Information Disclosure Network ( to inquire about persons subject to enforcement for trust-breaking announced by the Supreme People's Court,Credit China website ( to check and verify the trust-breaking situation of the relevant ministries and commissions of the state who have signed the memorandum jointly。

In the course of public recruitment, any applicant's file materials or information is suspected of fraud,It should be checked immediately,Before checking,暂停聘用;发现应聘人员提供虚假材料、隐瞒事实真相,Or the false materials or information provided may affect the audit results,Or interfering with or affecting the objective and impartial inspection by the observing unit,The unqualified conclusion was given,No hire at all,The recruitment unit shall report the personnel information to the comprehensive personnel management department of the institution for the record。After passing the inspection, the recruitment unit shall report to the comprehensive personnel management department of the institution the information of the personnel who have given up the qualification to enter the follow-up links for the record。

The examination of the qualification of applying for the post of the public institution runs through the whole process of the open recruitment and after the employment. If it is confirmed that the recruitment personnel or the relevant personnel of the recruitment work conceal the relevant information, the personnel whose qualifications do not meet the relevant requirements of the public recruitment will be cancelled to enter the follow-up link or continue to be employed。Those who fail to pass the physical examination or examination or automatically abandon the qualification after confirmation will not be replenished。The gap that link appears after inspection is no longer filled。

Qualification review and publicity

Examination, physical examination, inspection and other related matters, the school will notify directly by telephone, please keep the telephone unblocked。

Applicants who have passed physical examination should present their id cards, academic certificates, degree certificates, professional titles, professional (practicing) qualifications, work experience certificates and other original and photocopies (attachments)4) for on-site qualification review。

The list of candidates can be found at chongqing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau ( and the publicity time is7A working day。The publicity content includes name, gender, date of birth, graduated school, major and education (degree), written interview result, total score and the graduation time, work experience, professional title, occupation (practice) qualification required by the post recruitment conditions, and other matters that should be publicized。

Ix. Employment and benefits

There is no objection after publicity,Or the information of objection verified does not affect the employment of the intended personnel,The employer shall put forward suggestions on the proposed employment,Fill in the Examination and Approval Form for Open Recruitment of Public Institutions in Chongqing and the List of Persons To be Employed by Public Institutions in Chongqing and send them to the higher competent departments for examination and approval,To the comprehensive personnel management department of the public institution for examination and approval。

The persons who have been approved to be employed shall be recruited by the legal representative of the recruiting unit or its entrusting party and the hired persons in accordance with the Implementation Measures of The Personnel Employment System for Trial Implementation of Public Institutions in Chongqing municipality (Chongqing Fu fa)200337No.) and Notice of Chongqing Personnel Bureau on Forwarding "Employment Contract of Public Institution (Sample)" (Yurenfa200668Sign the Employment Contract of public institution, establish the personnel relationship, improve the employment procedures, and the relevant treatment shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of Chongqing municipality。At the same time, the school will give relocation allowance35Ten thousand yuan, research start-up fee10万元。

A probation period shall be applied to the personnel recruited publicly。试用期满考核合格,予以正式聘用;试用期内或期满考核不合格或发现隐瞒相关情况致使人员条件不符合岗位条件要求的,一律取消聘用资格。

This open recruitment of all positions, once hired, the minimum service in the unit5年方能交流、调动;未满规定服务期提出解除人事关系者,应承担相应违约责任。

X. Discipline requirements

The open recruitment of staff in public institutions is an important channel for the open selection of outstanding talents. Personnel discipline must be strictly enforced in every link of recruitment to ensure the smooth progress of recruitment。It is necessary to strictly implement the "Regulations on handling violations of discipline and regulations in Public Recruitment of Public Institutions" (Order no35Number), seriously implement "on printing and distributing chongqing public institutions assessment recruitment staff measures"6The notice of the public recruitment supporting documents (Yuren Social Development [2016281Number) and other relevant policy provisions and avoidance system, consciously accept discipline inspection supervision and the supervision of all walks of life, strictly prohibit favoritism fraud, if there is a violation of the provisions or fraud, once verified, cancel the registration qualification or employment qualification, and according to the provisions of the relevant responsibility, bear the corresponding consequences。

The id card provided by the applicant and the education (degree), awards and academic performance, professional title and professional (practice) qualification certificate required by the recruitment announcement,It turned out to be a forgery,It shall be deemed as conduct misconduct and dishonest behavior and shall be put on record by the comprehensive personnel management department of the institution,From the date of this recruitment announcement5During the year, I was adversely affected when I applied for the open recruitment of public institutions in our city。

Xi. Miscellaneous

For questions related to the recruitment process, please follow the following methods:

1.Sichuan Fine Arts Institute is responsible for the interpretation of this brief。Online registration qualification preliminary review, on-site review registration qualification, examination, physical examination, inspection, publicity and other links of the relevant questions, please consult the attached contact phone number of the registered unit or department。

2.Technical consultation hotline for online registration:

Public Institutions in Chongqing open Recruitment problems and email address does not accept resumes)。

附件:1.Sichuan Fine Arts Institute2021Annual list of posts for recruitment of public institution staff

2.Sichuan Fine Arts Institute open recruitment application form

3.Commitment of good faith employment for staff of government and public institutions

4.Materials required for on-site qualification examination



附件【Appendix 2 Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Open Recruitment application form.doc】 have downloaded

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附件【附件1.List of posts for public institution staff to be assessed and recruited by Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2021.xlsx】 have downloaded