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Sichuan Fine Arts Institute 2021 Gate post Control work Instruction No. 2
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According to the Chongqing Education Commission on further do wellNotice on epidemic Prevention and Control in The Education System during the Summer Vacation of 2021,In accordance with the requirements of the Notice of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute on Further Epidemic Prevention and control,Approved by the school's prevention and control leading group,From July 28, 2021,Work Order No. 2 for Gate Control of 2021 will be implemented。

1. General principles

We will further implement regular epidemic prevention and control measures。Strict gate control, strict implementation of identity verification and health verification, all personnel entering the campus, must show valid certificates and"Health code", you must take a temperature check。Irrelevant off-campus personnel and vehicles are prohibited from entering the campus. Off-campus personnel and vehicles should be reported to the gate control group after approval by the leaders of each unit. Only after meeting the health requirements of entering the campus and registering with the guards can they enter the campus。People from medium-high risk areas are not allowed to enter the campus。

Second, strict school gate management

(I) Huxi Campus

1.Huxi District will continue to close the south gate, the east gate, the side gate of the art Museum, the back gate of sami Supermarket, and the small iron gate of No. 1, no. 2 and No. 3 of nanmen Commercial Street。


3.Social vehicles related to entering the new campus should pass the approval (including household electric battery vehicles, decoration vehicles, maintenance vehicles, express vehicles, etc.) through the north gate。

4.The school gate next to the staff canteen is open regularly: 6:00 am -- 22:00 am。

5.Any business that is interlinked with the school must be rectified to meet the requirements of the school for epidemic prevention and control before being allowed to operate。

(2) Huangjueping Campus

Huangjueping Campus continues to close the side doors of the playground。The back door shall be open at regular hours.7:00-19:00, qianmen normal traffic。

Third, strict campus control

To enter the school, teachers and students need to pass identity check and temperature measurement。

1.The faculty and staff of the school can enter the campus with valid certificates such as campus one-card and ID card。

2.Students who stay on campus during summer vacation shall enter the campus with certificates and valid certificates issued by relevant units. Those without certificates are prohibited to enter the campus。

3.Faculty and staff's family members and other residents living in the campus shall enter the campus with the campus Access Card and valid certificates issued by the university。

4.School logistics staff (property staff, canteen staff, etc.) shall enter the campus with valid certificates such as "campus access card" and ID card。

5.Those who visit for business or personal reasons shall be examined by the responsible person of the relevant unit (non-teaching staff residents apply to the property company of the family area),The name, license plate number, entry time and entry purpose of the visitor should be filled in according to the specified format if the visitor meets the health requirements,The approver shall send the approval information to the "Guard Control wechat Group" for report。

6.Express vehicles need to apply to the security department for approval after entering the school, with the approval form to the north gate to get the temporary pass card, the temporary pass card will be returned to the gate when leaving the school。

Telephone number:

Defence: 黄欣  Zheng Jiahong  

Bao Li Property In Family Area: He Xiaoping  张  红

Campus New Dazheng Property:    Huang Longqing

Old Campus Anan Property:    YuDeHua


Prevention and Control Office of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

July 27, 2021


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