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Proposal of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute on Mid-Autumn and National Day epidemic Prevention and control
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Teachers, students and staff:

近期,Some parts of the country are experiencing a resurgence of the epidemic,Several local cases have been reported in Fujian province,The epidemic prevention and control situation remains grim and complex,With the Mid-Autumn festival and The National Day double festival is coming,Increased personnel mobility,The risk of transmission increases,To protect your health and that of your family,Special to the majority of teachers and students, faculty and staff proposals as follows:

一、Actively cooperate with prevention and control management。有近Those who have traveled abroad for 28 days and returned to Chongqing with a history of living in medium-high risk areas in the past 14 days should report to their work units immediately, fulfill their personal responsibility for epidemic prevention, and cooperate with nucleic acid testing, health monitoring, isolation and medical observation and other prevention and control measures。If you have any suspicious symptoms such as fever, dry cough or fatigue, wear a mask and go to the fever clinic of the nearest medical institution immediately。

二、Minimize turnover。Travel during Mid-Autumn festival and National Day,Stream of,Higher risk of transmission,People from medium - and high-risk areas at home and abroad have suspended their return to Chongqing,The majority of teachers, students and staff in Chongqing as far as possible from Chongqing,It is not necessary to go to high-risk areas in China and their cities,Advocate using wechat, telephone and other ways to visit,Reduce visits to family and friends,Avoid crowds。

三、Develop good health habits。Adhere to good personal hygiene habits such as washing hands frequently, wearing masks, one meter noodles, frequent ventilation, less gathering, and using chopsticks。When visiting public places and crowded areas, actively cooperate with the implementation of prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, temperature measurement and health code check。Do not gather in groups, cancel unnecessary gathering activities, and try not to go to crowded or confined places。

四、Proactive vaccination against COVID-19。Vaccination is the most economical and effective way to prevent COVID-19, and it is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen to effectively reduce the incidence of severe illness and death。People of appropriate age without contraindications should be actively vaccinated against COVID-19. Those who have not been vaccinated in accordance with the procedures should stay in the area as soon as possible to complete the whole vaccination process and accelerate the establishment of an immune barrier for the whole population。



Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control Office, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

September 14, 2021



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