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The School of Experimental Arts held the lecture "Public Space, More than Beauty"
Published time: June 18, 2021 17:52 author: Huang Wenyu Source: School of Experimental Arts    浏览:

On the afternoon of June 17th, the lecture "Public Space, More than Beauty" held by the School of Experimental Arts started smoothly in the small theater。Some teachers and students from the School of Experimental Arts and the Department of Sculpture of the School of Plastic Arts attended the lecture, which was presided over by Deputy dean Tang Yong。

Renowned architect Gu Yi was invited to give the lecture。Gu Yi has been in Africa for more than ten years. After returning to China, he founded no-design architecture. His research direction is "extremely provincial design" in construction design.。Main works include: Shanghai Youzai Collection, Xiang, Wuxiang, Nanjing Longyin Shanfang, Wuyi Mountain Taoran Youshan, Shanghai Xishe Tea Study, Shanghai Duoyun Academy, etc。

Tang Yong first welcomed Gu Yi and made a brief introduction。He said the lecture aims to enable faculty and students to understand the humanities, social logic and the relationship between people and society and between people and public space through classic architectural cases at home and abroad。

In the lecture, Gu yi showed the students what public space is, taking the central Park in New York, the Carol Library in Finland, the Liuli Light House in Tokyo, and the White Lotus Hall as examples。Taking Raffles In Chongqing and Wenheyou in Shanghai as examples, this paper analyzes the architecture of Internet celebrities。

Afterwards, the teachers and students who attended the lecture had a deep discussion on the relationship between people and public space, the relationship between architects and Internet celebrities, and the relationship between sculpture and architecture。