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Wu Yana: deep cultivation art garden buried wisdom, ice broken warbler ti full spring branches
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Wu Yana is an associate professor, doctor of Literature, College of General Studies, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute。Outstanding young artistic talent of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, member of Chongqing Ancient Literature Association, intermediate lecturer of Chinese Reciting Association, member of national Art science expert database。In 2020, he won the title of Chongqing Bayu Scholars Young Scholar。

Devote oneself to academic research and cultivate deep and fine yun to produce fruitful results

For more than ten years, Wu Yana devoted herself to academic research and devoted herself to the fields of ancient Chinese literature, philology, and ancient Chinese art theory. She made great achievements in the interdisciplinary research of literature and art。He has presided over the national Social Science Fund of Art projects1项,省级科研项目5项;在核心期刊等发表论文20余篇,Participated in many academic conferences at home and abroad,Won the third prize of excellent paper in 2019 Siku Science High-level Forum,Excellent Paper Award of Chongqing Ancient Literature Society in 2019,The thesis "Orthodox Pedigree of Ancient Chinese Art" was shortlisted in the third National Fine Arts Summit Forum。

Take root in frontline teaching and explore new curriculum reform with great concentration

Wu Yana loves teaching and is rooted in the forefront of teaching。Aiming at cultivating high-quality, innovative and practical artistic talents, she has undertaken undergraduate general courses such as selected reading of literary classics, artistic Communication and Writing, Sichuan-American Culture Forum, as well as special topics on research methods of Ancient Chinese culture and historical materials, and guidance for writing postgraduate dissertations in Fine Arts。As the leader of the course group, she led the team to construct the course "Artistic Communication and Writing", which was approved to apply for the qualification of chongqing first-class undergraduate construction course。She has presided over a number of teaching reform projects for graduate and undergraduate students, making her contribution to promoting the construction of first-class disciplines in Sichuan and The United States and cultivating artistic talents with both political integrity and ability。

Guide students carefully, help gold carp yue Longmen

Wu enjoys exploring academics and skills with her studentsTo guide students' study and creation。As an academic advisor, she guided her students to win the gold medal in the chongqing Area of the 7th China "Internet" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2021 and was promoted to the National Competition. She also guided graduate students to successfully apply for the Chongqing Graduate Innovation project。She also taught students to recite poetry and sing Kunqu opera in class, stimulated students' enthusiasm to learn opera, and guided students to establish Chuanmei Ruoming Kunqu Opera Club。She combines her hobbies, study and work closely together. In the fertile field of art in Sichuan, she deeply cultivates art garden and buries wisdom, breaking the ice and singing the spring branches。


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