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Yin Dan: Teaching with heart, research with emotion
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Yin Dan, associate professor, PhD, vice president of The College of Arts and Humanities, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and distinguished professor of Samyuk University and Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences。Deputy director of Chongqing Curatorial and Theoretical Committee, critic, curator。She is mainly engaged in the teaching and research of art history, modern art criticism, art management, exhibition planning and so on。In 2021, he won the title of "Bayu Scholars Young Scholar" of Chongqing。

Hard teaching, praise

Yin Dan always remembersThe job of a "teacher" is to teach attentively。The teaching style is clear, interesting and attitude, which is well received by students, and won the title of "Excellent First-line Teacher" of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute。Actively explore education and teaching reform, there are a number of municipal,The school - level educational reform project was established and implemented。He paid attention to enlighten students' attitude and problem consciousness, and warned them to jump out of the so-called professional and technical swaddling clothes and stick to the humanistic value position。

With sentiment research, the book is rich

Yin Dan has in-depth research on the history of art and architecture in his works fine Arts, Fine Arts Observation and ArtHe has published a number of relevant research papers in the Journal Review, and "Walking with History: A Writing Essay" (2009-2019), "Li Youxing", "Between Words and Images", "University Architecture: Function, Semantics and Place"。In recent years, he has focused more on the history of modern Chinese art and the history of art criticism. At the same time, he has carried out in-depth excavation of the history of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and conducted academic excavation of educators such as Li Youxing, Liu Yisi and Liu Guoshu in the form of works, papers and exhibitions。

Practice vigorously and intervene in society

Yin Dan also pays attention to the combination of theory and practice。Since entering the field of academic research, he has actively engaged in art criticism and curatorial practice, making his academic views not only stay on paper, but also intervene in the social field。In recent years, he has planned dozens of exhibitions, published dozens of critical articles, and published a collection of critical essays called Footprints of Criticism. He has become an active art critic and curator among the young generation。