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Zhao Yizhou: Green research and innovation to empower the development of human settlement environment
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Yizhou Zhao, Ph.D., associate professor, graduate tutor, school of Architecture and Environmental Art, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, former lecturer, School of Architecture, University of Miami, USA/ Senior Visiting Scholar。Member of Architectural Society of China。His research interests include: Green building and environmental design。In 2021, he won the title of "Bayu Scholars Young Scholar" of Chongqing。

Focus on academic frontiers Exploring scientific research and innovation

Zhao yizhou closely combines the advantages of green design in design, focuses on green building and environmental design research in Chongqing and western China, leads the youth project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and achieves the breakthrough of zero project approval of National Natural Science Foundation of Sichuan and The United States。He has presided over the key project of Chongqing Art science Research Planning, the major project and youth project of Science and technology research of Chongqing Education Commission, and the Sichuan-American university-level scientific research project。The main research stateKey RESEARCH and development projects of "13th Five-Year Plan", Chongqing Talents Innovation Leading Talents Project, Chongqing University Innovation Research Group Project, General projects of Chongqing Art Science Planning, etc。He has published 2 monographs, many papers in core journals at home and abroad, and delivered speeches at UIA, ISAIA, ISOCARP and other international conferences。A series of scientific research achievements are of great value to boost the green development of the built environment in western China, deepen energy conservation and emission reduction, and serve the chengdu-Chongqing economic circle and rural construction。

Responding to national strategies Serving local construction

Zhao yizhou around green development and rural revitalization and other national strategies,We will actively participate in local development,As the main designer, he has completed many important projects including national convention and Exhibition Center, municipal museum, library and campus design,And chongqing ancient town green renewal, rural comprehensive service center, beautiful rural courtyard building and other rural construction projects。Architectural Creation Award of Architectural Society of China, Chongqing Landscape Architecture Planning and Design Award,"Design for China" National Environmental Art Design Exhibition and other industry awards。

Spreading green ideas Building teaching Characteristics

In the process of front-line teaching, Zhao Yizhou actively constructed the characteristic plate links in green design level of the series of courses, such as Introduction to Green Design, Preliminary architectural design, ecological landscape environmental design, Chongqing Local Architecture Green Design Project studio and graduation design, and guided students to keep up with new ideas, new methods and new technologies。He has guided his students to win the school-level excellent graduation design, the Award of Excellence in the annual Exhibition of works, and the professional competitions and exhibition awards of Yuanye Cup, Fuliang Cup, and Design for China for many times。