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Xinhua News Agency - Xinhua interview: Pang Maokun: artistic creation should resonate with The Times
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This year marks the 80th anniversary of the founding of sichuan Fine Arts Institute。Recently, Xinhuanet interviewed pang Maokun, the famous oil painting artist who is now the president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and listened to him share the creation lineage of the institute and the continuous development of artistic pursuit, and discussed the proposition of "art and times"。

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"Developing realism" is an important clue to trace chuan Mei's artistic pursuit

As far as the creation pedigree and artistic pursuit of Sichuan Beauty is concerned, an important clue is reflected in the extension and development of realistic artistic concept。Although realism originated in Europe, practice has proved that it shows strong characteristics and vitality in China。We believe that the connotation of realistic art lies in taking root in The Times, the life and the people, emphasizing The Times, sociality and the people of art。For example, the large clay sculpture "Rent Collection Courtyard" created in the 1960s is a typical representative of realistic creation, reflecting typical characters, typical plots and typical environments in life at that time, which had a significant impact at home and abroad at that time。After the reform and opening up, Chuanmei has also adhered to the tradition of paying attention to life, reality, society and The Times。The father represented by Luo Zhongli, as well as a large number of local and bruising themes, are actually an examination and reflection of an era and the common concerns of the society。Chuan Mei's works have the character of the people, and ordinary people can understand and feel the ideas of her works。The artists of Chuanmei incorporate the feelings of life around them into their creations. Their works reflect the aspirations and spiritual outlook of each era and keep pace with The Times。

"Creation drives teaching" produces powerful and meaningful works

In its 80 years of creation, Sichuan Beauty has always been an important part of Chinese artistic creation. Representative artists and works have emerged in various periods, exerting an important influence。Chuan Mei's outstanding achievements in the field of creation are closely related to her long-term adherence to realistic creation, long-term commitment to discipline construction and teaching reform。In particular, the idea of "creation drives teaching", which was promoted in the 1950s, was further carried forward by the old dean Ye Yushan in the 1980s。In March 1982, sichuan Fine Arts Institute was entrusted by the former Ministry of Culture to hold "National Symposium on Art Creation Teaching in Art Colleges and Universities", which further clarified and promoted this concept and had an important influence at that time。Chuanmei emphasizes that students learn in creation, observe and experience life, so as to refine their creation。This tradition drives generations of Chuanmei people to sublimate their artistic language and produce powerful and spiritual works。

It is very important for art to resonate with The Times

We believe that the creation of artists must be developed under the development of The Times。At Chuanmei, each generation has its own interpretation of realism。For example, after the reform and opening up, it has been externalized into the individualization and diversification of artistic language and expression forms。But what has always remained is rooted in The Times, in life and in the people。Thanks to the combination of "change" and "constant", many outstanding young artists have emerged in Sichuan Beauty in recent 20 years。They are good at using their own observation and thinking, for the creation of ideological, vitality。It is very important that art is in sync with The Times。


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