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People's Daily overseas network: Past illuminates future: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute lighting Festival opens 80th anniversary ceremony
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Light up the campus spirit fortress, glorious sichuan beauty art process。

On October 26, 2020, a large-scale light festival opened the 80th anniversary of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. The light festival was held simultaneously in Huangjueping campus and Huxi Campus of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute。The lighting art form of the festival is divided into four parts,包括影像秀、灯光秀、建筑景观照明、灯光装置;选择的照明艺术载体主要有校内八处区域,It includes red Building, main entrance road, comprehensive building and Beautiful Teaching building in Huangjueping Campus,Huxi Campus square, west gate, library Huxi Commune,The area outside the school is the main street of Huangjueping and the chimney of power plant。The selected location is undoubtedly not a deep memory in the hearts of Chuanmei alumni, nor is it the inheritance of the artistic spirit of Chuanmei。

Huangjueping Campus,The 80,000-lumen laser projector installed at the edge of the Beautiful Church Building,Lighting up the traditional graffiti wall in Huangjueping Zhengjie,用新媒体光影媒介演绎艺术涂鸦;架在雕塑楼顶的全彩的激光灯,Remote light painting and Kawami have the same historical memory of the power plant chimneys,In the distance above,闪耀川美的艺术光辉;入口主道两侧的树木,Under rainbow light,It's like a palette being painted,Combined with the light art installation above the floating road,溢出浓浓的艺术氛围;道路尽头的红楼校史馆,In the combined art of digital image lamp and floodlight,用光影述说川美不平凡的历史征程;再有综合楼的影像秀与美教楼的艺术灯光,Though the years are long,Huangjueping Campus in Sichuan, America,Light still。

Huxi campus,Two hundred full-color dyeing lamps and laser, projection and smoke machines in the square at the main school gate,Full-color cast lights in the woods on either side,And a light art installation suspended on top of the alumni wall,共同演绎流光溢彩的光影艺术;西大门、虎溪公社、图书馆、美术馆的建筑,In a combination of various lighting devices,用光赋予饱满的视觉艺术;散落在校园的灯光艺术装置,Yi yi is unripe brightness,Shining the artistic light of the school celebration。

Title: Cage

The new media installation sculpture "Cage" uses various media means to form a unique artistic method, trying to remind everyone that we all have the impulse to aspire to fly in the blue sky。Knock over the cage, fly free, live your life。

A total of 32 lighting enterprises sponsored the lighting activity, including nine lighting design companies, three construction companies and 20 lighting equipment manufacturers, all of which are top-quality enterprises in the lighting industry, covering the whole field of design, products and engineering。Most of these enterprises have cooperated with Chuamei lighting Art design professional for many years,Chuamei lighting art training talent highly recognized by the industry,Can not leave the lighting industry Sichuan Beauty lighting education care and input,It's collaborative education,Training industry quality talents,Chuamei Lighting Art Design has gradually become a model of industry education,In order to explore the new path of collaborative education in art colleges and universities lit a spark of fire。

Compared with the precipitation of 80 years in Chuanmei,Lighting art design professional establishment just over seven one year old,It was a sunny boy,In the lighting art design education on the road stumbling grope forward,Based on the profound art foundation of Chuangmei campus,Explore the path of more beautiful light and shadow art,Do every meaningful thing for the development of Sichuan Art education。(Photo and text: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute)

Editor: Yan Yuhang


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