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Through eight vicissitudes of life from generation to generation

Yukyushu wrote a brilliant chapter

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the university

Cool art light show

The most complete exhibition of the school's masterpiece


The school uses a colorful way

Review the art course of Sichuan Beauty

"Walking with History: The 80th Anniversary of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (1940-2020)" exhibition by Zou Le

Yesterday (26) evening

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Huangjueping and Huxi are two large schools

8 Iconic Locations

Open a design art light show

Sichuan Beauty school lighting festival lighting art form

Divided into four parts

Including video shows, light shows

Architectural landscape lighting and lighting installation

The main choice of lighting art carriers are

There are eight areas on campus

Including honglou in Huangjueping Campus

Entrance main road, complex building, Beautiful teaching building

Main gate Square and West Gate of Huxi Campus

Library Huxi Commune

The off-campus area is

The chimney of huangjueping Main Street and power plant

Except for the awesome light show


One of the highlights of the celebration of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

"Walking with History: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

The 80th anniversary of the founding of the University (1940 -- 2020) exhibition

Will be officially launched

Spring Breeze has Awakened by He Duoling. Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

The exhibition brings together

603 representative works by 461 artists

Since the establishment of the School

The most complete and systematic presentation of the work


Pang Maokun, vice secretary of the Party Committee and president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, introduced that In the 80 years of creation, Sichuan Beauty has always been an important town in the territory of Chinese art creation, and representative artists and representative works have emerged in all periods, which have had an important influence。

The exhibition focuses on sorting out the academic system,构建创作谱系;强调历史语境,Attach importance to regional characteristics,Focus on "Context and History", "Tradition and Classics",And the mission of The Times and contemporary vision as the basic idea,According to the time clues, it can be divided into two major plates: 1940 -- 1978 and 1978 -- 2020。

Pang Maokun's Cry through Time: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

The two sections consist of eleven thematic exhibitions:

Unit 1 (1940 -- 1978)

Ideal Forerunner -- Literature Exhibition of Design Education in the Early Stage of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Constant Flow -- Art Creation of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute during the Period of New China construction

The practice and exploration of Chinese Painting in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Identity -- The nationalization exploration of Chuanmei Sculpture

Comic book, Great Realm -- Comic book Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Unit 2 (1978 -- 2020)

Times ictus

Real concern

The thought of language

Traditional reengineering

Image generated

The experiment of d

Since 1978, the development of contemporary painting in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute has benefited from the historical opportunity brought by the reform and opening up。In the early 1980s, a group of artists who influenced Chinese painting emerged in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute during the period of "Scar" and "local". Due to the similarity in style and spiritual connotation of their works, the theoretical circle at that time called them "Sichuan Painting School".。

In fact, the first peak of Sichuan oil painting was between 1979 and 1984. Represented by Gao Xiaohua, Cheng Junlin, Luo Zhongli and He Duoling, they created a number of landmark works in the history of Chinese art, such as Why, Father and Spring Breeze Has Come to Life。

It is worth noting that more than 10 key works of Sichuan Beauty in the 1980s, such as "Why" and "Spring Breeze Has Come to Life", are specially borrowed from the National Art Museum of China。

The exhibition will be on display from October 28 to December 28, 2020 in hall 1-7 of the Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Interested citizens can make an appointment through the official wechat of "Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Art Museum"。


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