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重庆广电-第1眼:航拍 | @川美人 看!这是穿越80年的艺术之光
Published time: November 01, 2020 15:38 authors: Liu Chunli, Tan Qin Source: Chongqing Radio and Television - The First Eye    浏览:

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Sichuan Fine Arts Institute celebrates its 80th anniversary。On the evening of October 26, Huxi and Huangjueping in Sichuan, China8 Iconic LocationsAt the same time, it opened the art light show with a sense of design。In this unique way, Chuan Mei retrospects the glorious art course of the school。

The lighting art form is divided into four parts, including image show, light show, architectural landscape lighting and lighting installation。

The selected lighting art vectors mainly include eight areas in the school, including red Building in Huangjueping school district, main entrance road, comprehensive building and Beautiful Teaching building, front school square and west gate in Huxi school district, library and Huxi Commune, and outside area is Huangjueping Main Street and the chimney of power plant。

All the selected locations are deep memories of the alumni of Chuanmei, and all of them are places where the artistic spirit of Chuanmei is inherited。Huang Hao, who is in charge of design and production of naked eye 3D Mapping, said that they created three works for the whole school celebration。Among them, the creation in the complex building is in an epic style, leading people to travel through time and review the major events in the 80 years of Chuanmei, including the "amazing" works created by Chuanmei, so that chuanmei people can find resonance from them。

The beautiful moments of the light show were captured on camera by a droneHuangjueping Campus, the 80,000 lumen laser projector installed near The Meijiao Building lights up the traditional graffiti wall in Huangjueping Street and performs artistic graffiti with new media of light and shadow。

The full-color laser lamp on the sculpture roof and the power plant chimney with the same historical memory in Chuanmei are painted by remote light。Looking up, the art of sichuan beauty shines。

Huxi campus, 200 full-color dyed lights in the square at the main school gate, together with lasers, projectors, smoke machines, full-color projection lights in the trees on both sides, and light art installations suspended on the top of the alumni wall, represent the colorful light and shadow art。

The buildings of Xidaemun, Huxi Commune, library and art museum are endowed with full visual art through the combination of various lighting equipment。

Scattered throughout the campus are light art installations。The cool art light show attracts many citizens to watch。

The light of aerial recording art↓↓↓

We have learned,The 80th anniversary of Chuanmei university will be officially opened on October 28,The activities include the 80th anniversary celebration of the university and the launching ceremony of Chongqing Fine Arts Park, the National Fine Arts Summit Forum, the lighting ceremony of large-scale sculpture "David", "Breaking the Wall" -- The Coexistence of Art and technology Exhibition ", and the launching of Chengdu-Chongqing Art Corridor, etc,Will undoubtedly add more artistic charm to our city。

(Eye 1 - Chongqing Broadcasting Reporter Liu Chunli tan Qin Special correspondent Shi Yue Sun Xiaogang Tang Yin)


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