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The most beautiful campus, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute ushered in its 80th anniversary week。


Among them, the lighting show for the 80th anniversary of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute is "Past illuminates future"。

The exterior wall of the Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute has become a large-scale lighting art installation

Eight landmark sites in Huangjueping and Huxi, Sichuan, America, opened the artistic light show with a sense of design。Eight vicissitudes of life from generation to generation, glorious sichuan beauty of the artistic process like a lantern in front of you slowly spread out, beautiful!

Only three daysBecause of the campus control, you may not be able to enter the campus and you have to check in huangjueping Street, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Art Museum and other public open areas. However, it doesn't matter. Xinjie has already watched a wave of light show on 26th night.

Huangjueping Campus

▲ In Huangjueping Campus, an 80,000 lumen laser projector installed near The Meijiao Building lights up the traditional graffiti wall in Huangjueping Main Street and performs artistic graffiti with new media of light and shadow。It is especially reminded that this light show is in Huangjueping Main Street, and citizens can punch in as a souvenir。

▲ Would you know that it is actually a sculpture building in Huangjueping Campus, Sichuan, America, if it were not for the shining corridor and the students downstairs?In the combination art of digital image lamp and floodlight, "Father" and other works are presented one by one. Light and shadow tell the extraordinary historical journey of Chuanmei。

▲ Full color laser light on the sculpture roof,The words "Chuanmei 80" are drawn by distant light on the two most famous chimneys in Huangjueping,Zhou Bo, director of the Public Art Department of the Public Art College of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, introduced to Xinnu Newspaper,"The lighting Art major of Sichuan Beauty is the first related major offered by colleges and universities",This time they worked with a number of lighting companies,Hikari and Kawami share the same historical memory of their power plant chimneys,stunning。

Enthusiasts stop to take photos under a rainbow lit tree。

Huxi University Town Campus

The Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, located in Xi Street, has become a complete fairy tale world, with big fish and begonia wandering on the walls from time to time。

▲ In Huxi Campus, 200 full-color dyed lights, lasers, projectors, smoke machines, full-color projection lights in the trees on both sides, and light art installations suspended on the top of the alumni wall represent the colorful light and shadow art。"This is a light show!" one friend commented enthusiastically after the new sister posted on Wechat.

▲ The famous Huxi "wormhole" tunnel, mysterious, cool, large visual sense。

The signs and logos left in the memory of teachers and students of Chuanmei in Huangjueping have been moved to the university town. When the light is on, who and where am I?

▲ With the help of architectural landscape lighting, Sichuan-American version of Alice in Wonderland。

▲ Continue to walk in wonderland, hey, where to the cage?

▲ Scattered in the campus light art installations, sparkling, shining art light of the school celebration。

So, isn't kawami's 80th anniversary light show beautiful。New elder sister learned that,This celebration light show is divided into image show, light show, architectural landscape lighting, lighting installation four parts,The selected lighting art carrier mainly has eight areas in the school,It includes red Building, main entrance road, comprehensive building and Beautiful Teaching building in Huangjueping Campus,Huxi Campus square, west gate, library Huxi Commune,The area outside the school is the main street of Huangjueping and the chimney of power plant。The selected location is undoubtedly not a deep memory in the hearts of Chuanmei alumni, nor is it the inheritance of the artistic spirit of Chuanmei。

The light show runs until October 30", there must be a lot of people want to clock in, but Xinjie reminds you that the campus is not open to the public due to the current epidemic prevention work can not relax, you can watch the light show video shot by Xinjie, the website upstream Chuanmei, also very beautiful oh。

(Photo/video: Brilliance)


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