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重庆广电-第1眼:川美历史上作品分量最重的展览! jdb电子游戏建校80周年展来了!
Published time: November 05, 2020 17:08 authors: Liu Chunli, Tan Qin Source: Chongqing Radio and Television - The First Eye    浏览:

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As an important gift to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,"Walking with History: the 80th Anniversary of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (1940-2020)On the afternoon of October 28th, it will be held at the art Museum of Huxi Campus, University Town。This exhibition, which gathers famous works, is regarded as the most important exhibition of works in the history of Sichuan Beauty, and also reproduces the highlight moment of Chongqing art history。

In its 80 years of creation, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts has always been an important part of China's artistic creation landscape。Scar art became a sensation in the 1980s, when He Duoling, then a student at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, was included in the genre。Near graduation, He Duoling painted this oil painting, Spring Breeze has Awakened。

A little rural girl sat in a field of dry grass, thinking。The cow behind him looked straight ahead, and the dog at his feet looked up into the sky。At the beginning of writing, the characters and scenes are full of life and vitality, presenting a solid foundation of modeling skills。

According to He Guiyan, curator of the Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, the painting's greatest contribution lies in expressing the warmth of humanity, the revival of emotions, and the symbolism and meaning behind the arrival of spring。And the deep portrayal and low-rhyme tones were invisible in the art world in 1978, so behind this melancholy, not only color, it reflects the change of art style of an era。This also reflects the tradition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, which encourages students to use their creations to drive teaching。

Wang Datong "After a Storm Comes A Clear Day" oil on canvas 160x112cm 1979

Spring by Wang Hai, oil on canvas 159×78cm 1979年

What is rare is that many of the masterpieces in this exhibition, such as Luo Zhongli, He Duoling and Gao Xiaohua, are on loan from the National art Museum of China and other national art halls。

Luo Zhongli years 205x140cm oil on canvas 1988

Gao Xiaohua, Why, Oil on canvas 107.5x136.5 cm in 1978

And here's a special surpriseComic book exhibition。From the 1940s to the present, sichuan Fine Arts Institute has seen the emergence of a group of comic book writers, whose works cover woodcut, ink, sketch, watercolor, etc., with more than 90 works on display。In the "big world" of "little picture book", chuanmei comic book writers of different times have a dialogue with their works in a limited space。

"Chen Gang, curator of the comic book exhibition, told the First Eye reporter,Since the 1940s,There are representative serial painters in every era,For example, Ji Li Zi by Lu Lin and 12O Division of the Eighth Route Army in North China by Li Shaoyan,They are actually pre-liberation works,These works had obvious propaganda purposes for defending the country during the war。Then in the 1960s and 1970s, red Rock comics became very influential across the country。

Lu Lin "Ji Li Zi" comic strip in 1949

Du Xianqing "Sister Jiang" comic strip in 1978

According to the introduction, the exhibition is divided into two sections according to the chronology: 1940-1978, 1978-2020, the two sections are composed of 11 special exhibitions,A collection of 603 works by 461 artists", showing the development course of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute from humble beginnings to substantial improvement, and then brilliant growth, but also can be regarded as the epitome of the development of contemporary Chongqing art history。

Pang Maokun, president of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, said that in the past, some artists only had names but no works, but this exhibition basically found them。And through the visual, visual works, to sort out the history, let everyone see how sichuan Fine Arts Institute came to be, so as to better look forward to the future。

It is understood that the exhibition will run until December 28 and is free and open to the public。If you are interested in visiting the exhibition, please pay attention to the visit instructions during the epidemic period on the wechat official account of sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum and make an appointment in advance。

(Eye 1 - Liu Chunli and Tan Qin, Chongqing Radio and Television reporter)


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