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Chongqing Daily: MAO Xianglin advanced deeds report will walk into sichuan United States
Published time: October 13, 2021 15:20 author: Li Xingting Source: Chongqing Daily    浏览:

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On May 26, Pang Maokun, president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, presented MAO Xianglin's portrait。Reporter Qilansen photo visual Chongqing

Report from Our correspondent (Li Xingting) On May 26, the "National model of poverty alleviation" Comrade MAO Xianglin's advanced deeds report conference sponsored by the Municipal Propaganda Department, municipal Human resources and Social Security Bureau, municipal Poverty Alleviation Office and Wushan County Party Committee entered Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and more than 400 teachers and students representatives listened to the report on the spot。Wushan County and Chuamei signed a cooperation agreement, chuamei will use art to empower rural revitalization, xiazhuang overall planning and design。

The report at the meeting,Xiazhuang village party branch secretary, village director MAO Xianglin, Wushan County Wuxia town cadres Fang Sicai, Zhuxian township central primary school Xiazhuang village teaching point teacher Zhang Zeyan, Xiazhuang village villagers Peng Rensong, Xiazhuang village cadres Chen Tianyan, Chongqing Daily reporter Yan an and other six speakers one by one,Respectively with "Xiazhuang's guide" "the dolls read good books,Is xiazhuang out of poverty the biggest way out "" Xiazhuang day is more and more sweet" "do MAO party secretary as a Communist party member" "happiness for the people not hard" "great spirit leads the great cause" title,Use plain language and vivid examples,From different angles, this article describes the advanced deeds of MAO Xianglin who led xiazhuang villagers to cut roads and get rid of poverty。

More than an hour of wonderful report, the scene of applause。At the end of the lecture, Pang Maokun, president of sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, presented MAO xianglin with a special gift -- a sketch portrait of MAO。

"I was so moved by Xiazhuang's story that I made a sketch portrait of MAO xianglin yesterday。Pang said that MAO xianglin's image should be remembered and studied by all people. He hoped to express his reverence for MAO through this work, and also hoped to express his reverence for the heroes of poverty alleviation by representing sichuan Beauty people through this portrait。

After the report, Wushan County and Chuanmei signed the Cooperation Agreement on The Construction Project of Xiazhuang Village Rural Revitalization Demonstration Site in Zhuxian Township.。The two sides will jointly focus on the development goals of Xiazhuang village in the next five to 10 years,The master plan and design of Xiazhuang village were carried out with art empowering rural revitalization,Centering on the construction idea of "three villages in one" of Xiazhuang Party spirit education base village, rural revitalization demonstration village and rural tourism key village,We will strive to build a spiritual high ground,Restoring rural quality,促进三产融合发展;针对毛相林先进事迹、下庄精神进行主题雕塑创作,To carry out the creation and extension of the picture book Xiazhuang Village Story and the creation of film and television themes。The two sides will also jointly promote the establishment and research of relevant topics, as well as the construction of a practice base for themed education and sketching。


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