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China work: video | "model for national poverty alleviation works" comrade Mao Xianglin advanced deeds report into the sichuan academy of fine arts
Published time: October 13, 2021 16:11 author: Qin Sisi Source:    浏览:

Pang Maokun, president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, presented the portrait to MAO Xianglin。Hualong net - new Chongqing client reporter Wang Jue photo

Hualong net - new chongqing client May 26 at 17:30 (reporter Qin Sisi) today (26),The "National Model of Poverty Alleviation" Comrade MAO Xianglin's advanced Deeds Report meeting was hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Office and wushan County Committee of sichuan Fine Arts Institute,More than 400 representatives of teachers and students listened to the report。

The report at the meeting,Xiazhuang village party branch secretary, village director MAO Xianglin,Wushan County Wusxia town cadres square four CAI,Zhuxian township central primary school xiazhuang village teaching point teacher Zhang Zeyan,Villager Peng Rensong of Xiazhuang Village,Xiazhuang village cadres in the village Chen Tianyan,Chongqing Daily reporter Yan an and other six reporters appeared one by one,Respectively with "Xiazhuang's guide" "the dolls read good books,Is xizhuang the biggest way out "" Xizhuang day is more and more sweet" "do MAO party secretary as a communist party member" "happiness for the people not hard" "great spirit leads the great cause" title,Use plain language and vivid examples,From different angles, this article describes the advanced deeds of MAO Xianglin who led xiazhuang villagers to cut roads and get rid of poverty。

More than an hour of wonderful report, the scene of applause。At the end of the lecture, Pang Maokun, president of sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, presented MAO xianglin with a special gift -- a sketch portrait of MAO。


The scene of the lecture。Hualong net - new Chongqing client reporter Wang Jue photo

"I was so moved by Xiazhuang's story that I made a sketch portrait of MAO xianglin yesterday。Pang said that MAO xianglin's image should be remembered by all people and his deeds should be learned by all people. He hoped to express his reverence for MAO through this work, and also hoped to express his reverence for the heroes of poverty alleviation by representing the Sichuan Beauty people through this portrait。


Today, 400 teachers and students of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute are listening to the report。Hualong net - new Chongqing client reporter Wang Jue photo

After listening to the report, the scene of many college students also deeply inspired, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts design department of the second graduate student Sun Quanyi said, after listening to the report, the heart is very excited, she not only felt their faith, but also felt the power of the Party。"After listening to the lecture, A sentence came to my mind: 'Our happiness is because someone is carrying a heavy load for us。’作为一名jdb电子游戏的青年学子,今后我也要像毛相林一样,勇担当自己的责任,不让青春年华虚度!”她说道


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