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Xinhua News Agency: Xinhua all media + | Art of a hundred years of moments: he was 102 years old for the luding Bridge on the young warriors frozen the most passionate youth
Published time: October 13, 2021 16:18 authors: Zhang Haizhou, Zhao Xiaoshuai, Sha Qing Source: Xinhua News Agency    浏览:

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May 29, 1935

There are 22 warriors in the Capture the Bridge Assault Team

Under a hail of bullets

March forward in the face of death

This is the famous story of "seizing Luding Bridge"


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of New China

Just over 40

Liu Guoshu, teacher of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

He became the author of military history painting "Seizing Luding Bridge"

Today he is 102 years old


"Jinsha water beats yuncliff warm

Dadu Bridge cross wire cold"

MAO Zedong's The Seven Rules of The Long March

Is the true portrayal of Luding Bridge

Iron rope and iron bars

It has also become the powerful fulcrum of Liu Guoshu's creation


How to use a soft brush

Draw the iron will of 22 warriors?

That August more than 60 years ago

Liu Guoshu was "thinly dressed but sweaty"

Because "painting is like fighting."

Every stroke must have strength

No stroke of the pen should soften it


It took Liu Guoshu more than half a year to paint

The Capture of Luding Bridge

Shock soul-stirring

It was eventually collected by the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution



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