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重庆教育:全方位 全媒体 全覆盖!市委教育工委扎实推进党史学习教育进校园宣讲
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To further study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on the party history study and education mobilization Conference,We will promote in-depth study and education of Party history,In accordance with the central party history study and education propaganda work of the deployment and municipal requirements,Municipal Education Working Committee actively build a "comprehensive" pattern,Focus on building an "all-media" matrix,We will effectively increase the effectiveness of the "universal coverage" policy,Organizing the city's colleges and universities to carry out solid party history education "into the campus" propaganda work。At present, colleges and universities have organized more than 14,000 publicity activities。

一、Building an "all-dimensional" pattern

Strengthen propaganda organization effectively

On the basis of doing a good job in the propaganda group to the university propaganda work,Combined with the actual work,Municipal Education Working Committee studied and formulated the party history study education "into the campus" propaganda work plan,Elaborate construction of municipal Education working Committee, university Party committees, secondary departments and party organizations of the three-level propaganda work system,We will select and organize four kinds of publicity teams: Party members and cadres, experts and scholars, front-line teachers and young students,We will actively build an all-directional and multi-level pattern of publicity。


Southwest University of Political Science and LawThe party history study education "thousand students propaganda group", in-depth promotion of party history study into the branch, into the class, into the grid, into the network。


Chongqing University of Science and TechnologyIndustry experts will be invited to the school for special lectures. Combining with the history of the development of new China, the spirit of Daqing, the spirit of Iron man and the development history of the iron and steel industry will be narrated with vivid language and vivid cases。


Yangtze Normal UniversityWe gave full play to the role of the School of Marxism, created a publicity team composed of front-line teachers, and created a series of high-quality courses with the theme of "Creating the world", "changing the world", "earth-shaking" and "shaking the earth", which achieved good results。

Chongqing University of International Business and EconomicsA propaganda team consisting of party teachers, counselors and student Party members was set up to carry out 100 propaganda on party history stories in the form of short videos, combining with the characteristics and advantages of the school。

二、Create an "all media" matrix

Focus on innovative forms of publicity

To promote the study and education of party history of high standards and high quality,Municipal Education working Committee fully mobilize the enthusiasm of university party organizations at all levels,On the basis of doing the actual "prescribed action",Innovative "Optional action",Effective integration of thematic education, centralized preaching, literary and artistic works, and network platforms,Focus on building an "all-media" matrix。


Chongqing universityIn conjunction with colleges and universities inside and outside the city, we will hold online relay "micro" lectures on party history of colleges and universities across the country, using the youth discourse system to spread party history knowledge and tell good party history stories。


Southwest universityUse of network positions,"100 Party members will tell 100 Stories about the history of the Party.,Use websites, wechat official accounts, wechat groups and other communication channels,With "@" "solitaire" "speak new words" "talk heart language" "sing loudly" "spread open" and so on "than learning catch-up" way,Promoting the Study and Education of Party History is both "red" and "Tide",Inspire students to study the history of the party and education of the sense of intimacy and identity。


Chongqing Medical UniversityIt played the role of "Jinyun Forum" and invited Professor Zhang Wenhong, the national advanced individual in combating COVID-19, to give lectures in the open class of Online and offline party history study, which attracted more than 100,000 people to watch simultaneously。


Chongqing Normal UniversityCarry out thematic education in conjunction with "World Book Day",The first rural party branch in north China to study and practice the "Communist Manifesto" of the real event on the stage,Vivid interpretation of the "book", "reading", "collection", "protect the book", "book" and a series of ups and downs of the legend,Guide all teachers and students to enhance their ideals and beliefs and improve party spirit。

Sichuan International Studies UniversityWith the close combination of propaganda and professional features, the official micro blog "Happy Reading Beauty" column has launched a special section on party history study and education, which tells the story of the Party in German, Vietnamese, Korean and other languages。


Chongqing Youth Vocational and Technical CollegeTo build a series of virtual simulation experimental teaching projects based on the Spirit of Red Rock and the Spirit of the Long March. Teachers, students and Party members wear VR glasses and "walk into the History of the Party, such as The Red Manager". In the immersive experience, the glorious course of the Party is more intuitive and profound, and the concept of always following the Party is firmly established。

三、We will improve the effectiveness of the "universal coverage" policy

Highlight the characteristics of educating people and preaching

In order to further improve the effect of propaganda, guide teachers and party members in colleges and universities to firm up their ideals and beliefs in true learning and true faith, and keep in mind their original mission in learning and practicing, the Municipal Education Working Committee insists on guiding practice and promoting work with the party's innovative theory armed with mind, further expanding and deepening the combination of learning and application, and effectively improving the effect of "full coverage"。


Chongqing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsJointly held the seminar on first-class courses construction with Xidian University and Beijing Institute of Electronic Science and Technology,They jointly issued the initiative of "further solidify the 'revolutionary spirit', further strengthen the 'knot of one heart', further strengthen the 'education of new people', and further strive to 'scale new heights'",The party history study propaganda and school development needs to be closely combined。


Chongqing Jiaotong UniversityThe "Two Roads" spirit, the core of the school's development spirit, is regarded as an important part of the propaganda, holding special lectures, organizing teachers and students to rewalk the Sichuan-Tibet highway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway, interviewing those who have experienced road construction and road protection, publishing monographs on the "Two Roads" spirit, understanding the spiritual power in study and research, and enhancing the driving force in work practice。


Sichuan Fine Arts Institute"With the People: China's New Local Art Season" activities, adhere to the "people-centered" socialist literary and art concept, carry out the "theme learning + theme creation + theme practice" trinity talent training exploration and practice, research and innovation teaching to serve the national strategy of rural revitalization。


Chongqing Technology and Business UniversityWe organized special classes on Party history to study and launch 10 special courses on Party history, including "Red Ship setting sail", "Ancient Fields building an army", "Historical changes" and "Guide to Rejuvenation". We wrote the course handouts and prepared courseware uniformly, effectively solving the problem of "how to speak" and "how to learn", and effectively improving the effectiveness of propaganda and lectures。


Chongqing Vocational College of CommerceCombine party history study and education to promote practical education,Take the opportunity of participating in the third China West International Investment and Trade Fair,Students will experience first-hand the effects of the CPC and the government's efforts to revive economic globalization through high-quality open innovation in the post-covid-19 era,Feel deeply the great achievements of China's development,Guide young students to strengthen the "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", achieve "two maintenance"。


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