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The excitement and joy of the villagers dragging their families down from the cliff village,溢于言表;直播手机前举起各色农副产品吆喝的村民们,脸上同样写满了兴奋……从今天(6月10日),Walking into the National Museum of China, you will see the Centennial of China represented by sculpture. The exhibition of Sculpture works co-sponsored by the National Museum of China, The Chinese Artists Association and the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute officially meets the public here。

A group photo of some members of the creative team of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

According to the organizers,The exhibition aims to demonstrate the sharp contrast between the poor and weak old China, the displacement and poverty of the people, and the prosperity, stability and prosperity of the new China with vivid and intuitive sculptures,To reveal the great changes in China over the past hundred years,And to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China。

6月9日,Chinese artists Association branch party secretary, vice chairman xu Li,Pang Maokun, vice chairman of Chinese Artists Association and president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,Jiao Xingtao, vice president of China Sculpture Society and Vice President of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and representatives of exhibition works creators such as Shen Xiaonan, Lin Gang, Gong Jiwei and Deng Ke witnessed the opening of sculpture Exhibition。


F5342Photo provided by Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

According to the organizers,The biggest feature of this exhibition is to systematically display the shaping of realism sculpture to the working people in the past hundred years,From the first large-scale working people's theme sculpture in the history of modern Chinese sculpture liu Kaiqu "Farm Worker's Home" to the China Academy of Fine Arts in the 1950s, sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in the 1960s, the Central Academy of Fine Arts in the 1970s and other realism works,It's all covered and shown in the exhibition。


658DAA picture of the production of Sichuan Beauty exhibition in Chongqing

What is particularly worth mentioning is that in order to reflect the happy life of people in the new era, the Sculpture Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute cooperated closely with The National Exhibition to create 7 groups of large-scale thematic sculptures, which was the first large-scale thematic creation of sculpture reflecting the new era。In addition, last year coincides with the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, so this exhibition is also the finale of the 80th anniversary of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute。


90009A picture of the production of Sichuan Beauty exhibition in Chongqing

Specifically, the exhibition includes two parts: "The Difficult Years" and "The Good Life". It displays nearly 100 sculptures created by generations of sculptors represented by Liu Kaiqu, Wu Tianyou and Pan He, based on the life scenes and personal feelings of ordinary people。The works in the "Miserable Years" detail the miserable fate of the old Chinese people, who suffered a lot of suffering and suffering, while the works in the "Good Life" section vividly depict the comprehensive progress of society in the new era, and the happy life of people sharing a well-off life。


77F56A picture of the production of Sichuan Beauty exhibition in Chongqing

Organizers said the sculptures deeply reveal that only the CPC can shoulder the historic mission of fighting for national independence and liberation and realizing the prosperity and happiness of the country, and only the CPC can lead the Chinese people to stand up, become rich and strong。

DE1B3A picture of the production of Sichuan Beauty exhibition in Chongqing

There are three main highlights of the exhibition。First, the theme of the exhibition is close to the public。The exhibition takes the change of people's life as the theme, and looks back to the past of suffering and struggle of The Chinese people from a horizontal perspective, showing today's yearning for beauty and sharing happiness。Second, the exhibits are rich and colorful, reflecting the style of The Times。Including liu Kaiqu, Wu Tianyou, Pan He, Tian Jinduo, Cao Chunsheng, Wu Weishan, Zeng Chenggang, Li Xiangqun, Jiao Xingtao and other classic sculpture writers,Such as "Fields", "Farmers and Sons", "Bombing", "Serfs Struggle for Liberation", "Widows and Orphans", "Cattle", "Going To the World", "Dream Set Sail", "Villagers", "Earthquake Drums" and so on。Third, breakthroughs and innovations in exhibition design。The two public areas of the West Hall of the National Museum of China, which are far from each other in the north and south, are combined with the theme of the exhibition, which will bring refreshing experience to the audience。

Specifically, jiao Xingtao, the vice president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and a famous sculptor, led the chuanmei Sculpture Department to create 7 groups of thematic sculptures, which systematically show many vivid details in the process of poverty alleviation and all-round well-off life。Except for the cliff village, where the villagers move down long steps made of steel pipes,Deep into the field of live with goods and other moving scenes,A warm scene where neighbors visit each other and eat dumplings together during the Spring Festival,And people buy new energy cars and so on,Have been created into sculptures and presented to the national audience in this exhibition。


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