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Upstream news: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute theme group sculptures appear behind the scenes of the National Museum: Cut into life from the details, representing the height of Sichuan Beauty sculpture!
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Jiao Xingtao interviewed

These are just the large-scale themed group sculptures "The Road to Happiness" brought by the sculpture Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute·全面小康》中的一部分。Throughout the whole group of sculptures, seven groups of works show seven scenes from the most down-to-earth aspect of ordinary people's life。"We want to reflect the changes that every Chinese feels around them through these expressive individual plots and small events。"Jiao Xingtao, vice president of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and a renowned sculptor who spearheaded the creation of the group sculpture, told upstream news reporters。

Choosing a pointcut is the first difficulty

In Jiao xingtao's mind, the origin of the sculpture Exhibition, jointly organized by the National Museum of China and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, can be traced back to at least two years ago。"In 2019, the 13th National Art Exhibition sculpture Exhibition was held in Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts。Wang Chunfa, curator of the National Museum of China, came up with the specific idea of holding today's sculpture exhibition after seeing the exhibition。Jiao xingtao said he hoped chuanmei could bring some high-level works to the exhibition by giving full play to her professional expertise and advantages。

The specific theme was decided in 2020: "Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in all Respects"。"This is a very big theme," Jiao said, adding that it includes "more economic development, better democracy, better science and education, more prosperous culture, a more harmonious society and a better life for the people." "The first thing we need to think about is how to choose a starting point。”

820EBSculpture at the production site in Chongqing

In the process of repeated discussion, the classic masterpiece "Rent Collection Courtyard" of chuanmei Sculpture department gave the creative team inspiration。Shen Xiaonan, one of the main creators and director of the Sculpture Department of Chuanmei, told the reporter, "When we look back at the content and form of 'Rent Collection House', we will find that it shows people's life at that time。From such clues and logic, we have determined the road to happiness·全面小康》这组作品肯定是要抓住老百姓切身的状态来反映宏大的时代背景和变化。”

Shen Xiaonan said that the final 7 scenes in the group carving can be said to be all small scenes, the life of small characters, scene entry, through which the field space, the emotional communication of characters to express the theme。

In this process, the creation of the manuscript alone lasted more than a month。In order to ensure high artistic quality, the creative team changed the draft four times before finally determining the content and composition of the work。

Chuan Mei sculpture department into the largest number of a creation

According to the report, the creative team's specific creation started in November 2020。The seven groups of characters in the work are life-sized, but also combined with various typical scenes, systematically show many vivid details in the process of poverty alleviation and all-round well-off life。

76AEFShen Xiaonan, director of the sculpture Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, was interviewed

From the cliff village, people move down long steel pipe ladders,To deep into the field of live with goods,Then to the neighborhood during the Spring Festival, each other happy New Year, eat dumplings together warm scene,And people buy new energy cars and so on,Have been created into sculptures and presented to the national audience in this exhibition。

When entering the sculpture enlargement stage, it was already approaching the Spring Festival. Many teachers and students from other places gave up the opportunity to go home for the Spring Festival and worked with others until two days before the New Year's Eve, and one week after the New Year, they immediately threw themselves into a new round of creation。In the later stage of clay sculpture creation, more teachers and students of the sculpture Department participated in the creation, and the largest number of students reached 56 in one day, which also set a record high number of collective creation in the sculpture department of Sichuan Beauty。

It represents the "height" of Chuan Mei sculpture

Specific to the group sculptures that have appeared in the National Museum of China, the whole Road to Happiness·全面小康》一共包含了50多个人物。The scenes the team designed for "them" were very typical。

ABB97Sculpture at the production site in Chongqing

"In the fight against poverty, 'cliff village' has become a representative。Shen xiaonan told reporters that it took the team some time to think about which scenes to choose, even though they decided to focus on the details of ordinary People's Daily lives。

"Before the economic development, we considered the 'land sharing economy' and so on。"Shen xiaonan said he finally chose cars and houses because they" best reflect people's social needs today."。For example, "People are better off," he said. "We are integrating shopping, Spring Festival shopping and overseas travel。”

88645Sculpture at the production site in Chongqing

ShenXiaoNa said,Of course, there are also "subtraction" in creation,For example, "More prosperous culture.","Our first idea was to see national treasures like bronzes in a museum together,Finally, in order to be more concise and lively,I cut out what they were looking at,It's just a picture of their excitement。”

72425Sculpture at the production site in Chongqing

In an interview with reporters, Jiao xingtao also mentioned a very important creative detail。"We hope that through the most expressive individual plots, small events, well reflect the changes that every Chinese feels around them。At the same time, in terms of artistic methods, I hope to continue the realistic tradition of Rent Collection House, and also hope to integrate into today's new artistic expression。”

DC279Sculpture at the production site in Chongqing

Jiao cited, for example, more expressive approaches to characters and plots, including the use of color。Now you see the Road to Happiness·全面小康》整组群雕都是彩色的,“这可能是它区别过去(《jdb电子游戏》等作品)非常重要的一个部分。”

"It can be said that this is really a work of dialogue with The Times, but also a collective work that represents the height of chuan Mei sculpture department。Jiao Xingtao finally told reporters with deep emotion that he hoped it could highlight the characteristics of chuanmei sculpture department as well as the great achievements of this great era。


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