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Chongqing Daily: The century-old "Picture Scroll" of Liu Guoshu, professor of Sichuan Beauty
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Liu Guoshu was born in 1919 and is good at oil painting. He studied in Wuchang Art College in his early years. In 1948, he became the director of western Painting department of Southwest Art College (the predecessor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute), and later served as the deputy director of painting Department。

He advocated the artistic concept of realism and trained students such as Luo Zhongli, Wang Datong and He Duoling. He was an important founder of the "Sichuan School of Painting"。

The lake is shrouded in mist and lush in April。On the morning of April 20, Liu Guoshu, 100 years old, was still hearing and seeing clearly in the teacher's family area of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute。When the chongqing Daily reporter arrived, he had got up early and was sitting in front of the drawing board in the living room drawing still life。



Mr. Liu Guoshu special photography longfan

Liu Guoshu was born in 1919 in a scholarly family in eastern Sichuan。Influenced by his father, who had a profound foundation in Sinology, he was familiar with sinology classics and also showed his artistic talent。"When I was young, I copied the portraits in The Romance of The Three Kingdoms, and also shaped the characters according to the photos。"Liu Guoshu said。

In 1938, with the outbreak of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, art schools such as Wuchang Art College and National Art College moved to Chongqing. Young Liu Guoshu was admitted to Wuchang Art College and began formal oil painting study。

"Principal Tang Yijing and teacher Tang Yihe had a great influence on me。"Liu Guoshu found a yellowing photo, the photo, wearing glasses tang Yihe high-spirited, eyes deep。Tang Yihe, who studied in France in his early years, was a patriotic painter. He participated in the Northern Expedition and painted a large number of anti-japanese propaganda paintings, such as "The Horn of Qiqi" and "Female guerrilla"。Tang Yihe advocated the idea that "art should face the reality and reflect the sufferings of the people", which had a profound influence on Liu Guoshu。

Mr. Liu guoshu still insists on painting and reading books and newspapers every day

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As the flames of war on the front line became more intense, Tang Yihe often led students to take to the streets to draw anti-japanese propaganda pictures and draw sketches for the working people。Liu Guoshu's vague artistic ideal began to become clear"Artists must pay attention to the reality and connect their individual artistic pursuits with the destiny of the nation in order to create works of art with lasting value。”During the school period, Liu Guoshu drew a large number of anti-japanese propaganda pictures for street propaganda, but also created a number of performance of the toiling masses of the theme of the paintings, become an art rookie。

In 1944, Feng Yuxiang came to Wuchang Art Institute to raise money for military expenditure。"Feng Yuxiang was dressed in peasant garb, top to bottom in blue homespun cloth。”刘国枢回忆道,冯玉祥召集全校师生讲话,说前方打仗消耗大得很,他算了一笔账,说抗战前线有多少士兵,每天要打多少子弹,一颗子弹需要多少钱……“他讲得很通俗,也很动情,然后就动员师生们作画去卖,捐给军队。”

Interestingly, feng wrote poems on their paintings after they were finished。When someone drew a picture of vegetables in Chinese, he wrote, "In the rear, we can enjoy the fragrant roots of vegetables. In the front, we can reach the Yalu River。"Someone uses meticulous brush to draw a Japanese warlord, he wrote:" An Oriental flower, beheading a big warlord。”……冯玉祥题了诗的画特别好卖,大家卖了一大笔钱捐给军队。

Principal Tang Yijing admires Feng Yuxiang very much, bring his photograph, let Liu Guoshu draw a picture to Give Feng Yuxiang。Liu Guoshu painted an oil painting for Feng Yuxiang. Feng yuxiang wrote a note to Liu Guoshu to thank him. It was written in official script: "Japanese pirates killed the parents of my compatriots?”

Mr. Liu guoshu still insists on painting and reading books and newspapers every day

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"Seize Luding Bridge" was selected into the primary school Chinese textbook。Liu guoshu was deeply influenced by his experience in Wuchang Art School and the artistic ideas of tang Yihe and other teachers。In his artistic career, Liu Guoshu always turned his eyes to reality and paid attention to the working masses, creating a series of shocking works。

"Blind Lady" and "Tramp" are liu Guoshu's early representative works。The blind and dull old woman and the weather-beaten and disappointed tramps all represent Liu guoshu's concern for the people at the bottom。Both works were successively exhibited in national art exhibitions。

In 1948, Liu entered the Southwest People's Art Institute (the predecessor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute) to teach and served as the director of the Western Painting department of the school。In 1959, the 10th anniversary of the founding of New China, the military museum needed a lot of military history paintings, so the Southwest Artists Association arranged Liu Guoshu to paint "Seizing Luding Bridge".。

After consulting and collecting relevant historical materials, Liu Guoshu went to Luding County, Sichuan province to experience life。It was early spring when Liu Guoshu arrived by the Dadu River in Luding County after crossing the snowy Erlang Mountain and stayed there for more than 10 days。

陡峭的群山、翻滚的江水、长长的铁索桥……泸定桥扼交通要道之咽喉的环境,给了刘国枢极大的震撼与冲击。He went deep every day, visited the villagers, to experience, restore the fierce and cruel fighting scene at that time。


With the outline of the painting in hand, Liu returned to school, where he used bamboo poles to simulate the shape of an iron cable bridge in his studio and hired models to imitate the shape of the soldiers crossing the river。

"But models can only imitate the movements of fighters, but they don't have the mentality of a life-and-death fight。"Liu Guoshu turned out the retained draft of the painting and into a draft comparison said。Liu guoshu can only imagine the models in luding Bridge's turbulent river, steep mountains, and the details of the characters。

或匍匐、或侧身、或进攻、或掩护……10多名冲锋的战士形成一股冲击的阵势和横扫千军的力量,刘国枢历时大半年画出的《jdb电子游戏》震人心魄,被军事博物馆收藏,后又被选入小学语文课本作插画。In 2006, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Long March of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, this painting became one of the stamps of China Post。

Liu Guoshu's 1964 painting County Party Secretary is also his representative work。为创作这幅画,刘国枢花了大半年时间,去巴县、沙坪坝、荣昌等地的试验田蹲点,跟县委书记一起劳动、开会、聊天……这幅具有强烈写实主义的干部形象画作,成为他创作成熟期的佳作。After that, liu Guoshu created "Red Army to Northern Sichuan" and "Food delivery" and other works, are also created after he went into the old revolutionary base areas, steel mills experience life, is his masterpiece of grand scenes and major historical themes。

Mr. Liu Guoshu special photography longfan

"Beautiful branches with strong roots."

In liu Guoshu's teaching career, there is a rather brilliant thing。In 1979, held in the 30th anniversary of the founding of new China national art exhibition, 1981, the second national youth art exhibition,Cheng Junlin's 1968 X Month x Day Snow, Luo Zhongli's Father, Gao Xiaohua's Why, and other young oil painters from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,He won many awards including the first prize,The national art circle is amazed。

In January 1982, the oil painting exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute was exhibited in Beijing, and a large number of powerful young oil painters of the university made a collective appearance in Beijing, causing a sensation in the industry again。

Because of their impressive achievements, the group of oil painters represented by cheng Junlin, Luo Zhongli, He Duoling, Gao Xiaohua and other students from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in the 7th and 7th year were called "Sichuan Painting School" by the literary and art circles.。The realistic creation method and the strong characteristic of being close to life are the obvious marks of Sichuan painting school。

Just like every beautiful flower has strong roots, the young painters of Sichuan School of Painting stand behind a group of teachers who are not famous but powerful. The most important one of them is Liu Guoshu, an important founder of oil painting teaching in Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts。"Said Lin Lin, a literary critic and dean of the School of Visual Arts at Sichuan Normal University。

"If you put tang Yihe's 'The Poor', Liu Guoshu's 'Blind Lady' and Luo Zhongli's 'Father' together, isn't it obvious that they are all in the same line?Cheng Junlin, a famous painter and one of Liu's students, said the same。

Liu Guoshu made a great contribution to the development of the teaching of Sichuan-American oil painting。He felt that generalisation was not good for professional development,便将绘画系分设国、油、版三个专业;师资不足,He led a team to the Soviet Union to study oil painting teaching,组织集体进修室将青年教师送出去培训;他的造型功底、形象思维能力以及现实主义画风更是给了学生巨大的影响。"Huang Zheng, secretary of the Party Committee of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, said that it was under Liu guoshu's initiative that the teachers and students of Sichuan Fine Arts institute tried their best to touch the pulse of the change of The Times, caught the true, good and beautiful materials in real life with their eyes, and made profound reflection on real life. In the 1980s after the reform and opening up, Sichuan Fine arts oil painting rose to a new stage。

Mr. Liu Guoshu special photography longfan

As an art educator, Liu Guoshu educated people in his words and deeds。The famous painter Luo Zhongli once recalled his teacher as follows: "Teacher Liu always arrived early in class and left late。"Once when the educated youth to the countryside for many years of Luo Zhongli claimed to be used to the wild outside, he often slipped out of the classroom in class。A repeat of luo Zhongli, liu Guoshu was severely reprimanded。Afterwards, Luo Zhongli asked for advice in Mr. Home, Mr. Gentle wind and rain, a hard words to luo Zhongli convinced。

After luo Zhongli's oil painting Father was published in Chinese Art magazine for the first time, the editorial department sent two sample books. Luo Zhongli kept one and gave the other one to Liu Guoshu。

Now, the hundred-year-old Liu Guoshu has had many peaches and plums all over the world。Due to his physical limitations, he could no longer go out to experience life and paint。"Foot strength, eyesight, mental strength and pen strength are the basic requirements for cultivating and practicing a good style of study, writing and style。Practice 'four forces', can be more conscience, live up to the new mission, new tasks given by the new era。"Often come to visit his disciples, Liu Guoshu still inculcate。


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