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The school of Public Art held a staff meeting for the new semester to convey the spirit of the new semester cadre meeting and deploy the work for the new semester
Published time: September 17, 2021 16:27 author: Ran Ran Source: School of Public Art    浏览:

At 3pm on September 16th, the School of Public Art held a staff meeting of the new semester in the academic Lecture hall of Huangjueping Campus to convey the spirit of the new semester cadre meeting and to deploy the work of the new semester。All the staff and team members of the public Art Institute attended the meeting, which was presided over by Yong Chaoyong, secretary of the Party general Branch。

Yongchaoyong first conveyed the school autumn semester opening cadres conference spirit, organized to study tang Qingyang secretary important speech and autumn semester school key work requirements。He pointed out that after the meeting we should further understand digestion, implement into the concrete work。


Guo Yanlin briefed the work of the summer vacation and the beginning of the semester, especially the epidemic prevention and control work, explained the problems and deficiencies in the self-inspection of the beginning of the semester, analyzed the causes of the problems, put forward rectification requirements, and reminded all teachers to attach great importance to it, stressing that all aspects of education and teaching must maintain high standards and strict requirements。Combined with the spirit of the school cadres conference, the new term work of the School of Public Art is arranged。He pointed out that,The key work of the School of Public Art this semester will focus on the construction of the first-class major of public art, art and technology,Dynamic optimization of talent training program,Continue to refine the professional direction,First-class planning teaching materials and first-class curriculum construction,Declaration of first-class teaching achievements,Strengthen the construction of the teaching and research section based on professional direction,We will step up efforts to normalize epidemic prevention and control,Nine aspects such as the construction of postgraduate courses in new fields are carried out。


Wei Ting stressed the epidemic prevention and control work, and read out the "Mid-Autumn And National Day Epidemic Prevention and control Proposal of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute", urging all the staff to improve their awareness and consciously abide by the school's epidemic prevention and control regulations。

Tan Huang combined typical cases to carry out special warning education of party and government style, reminding the majority of staff, especially party members and cadres to take the warning, vigorously carry forward the good atmosphere of advocating thrift and avoiding extravagance, and maintain the fine style of hard work and thrift。

In the end, Yong chaoyong again stressed the requirements of normalizing epidemic prevention and control and the arrangements for party history education. He hoped that everyone would work together in the new semester and continue to contribute to the development of the School of Public Art。


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