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"Winter Lotus · Impression" -- Cross-media experimental electronic sound was held in Huxi Campus
Published time: December 23, 2021 16:08 author: Chen Zhenghao Source: Youth League Committee    浏览:

On December 21, the creative project "Winter Lotus - Impression" -- cross-media experimental electronic sound was staged by Chen Zhenghao, 2020 graduate student of the School of Plastic Arts, jointly supported by the Publicity Department of the University Party Committee, the Youth League Committee, the School of Plastic Arts, the School of Experimental Arts, and the School of Architecture and Environmental Arts。The performance takes the spatio-temporal relationship between "Winter Solstice" and "Lotus Pond" and the symbolic contrast as the conceptual clue. Based on the traditional cultural concepts with the new technology and perspective of youth, it reinterprets the traditional culture with cross-media and experimental art forms, and excavates the local art creation in Sichuan and The United States。

The creation project of "Winter Lotus - Impression" was jointly participated by students from various schools and grades。The main medium of creation is "sound", which uses the field sampling of the soundscape of the lotus pond as well as the synthesis and modulation techniques of electronic music to present the audience with a new auditory experience different from traditional music works。Visually, the installation landscape was jointly designed and produced by the students of oil painting and sculpture, which is an attempt to create earth art outside the museum。

The performance attracted many teachers and students to watch, they stood around the lotus pond, although the cold weather, but watching enthusiasm did not reduce。The show lasted an hour and ended with the crowd still buzzing。In addition to eating dumplings, they also "listen to lotus".。


Founder Chen Zhenghao said, "This is an experiment in form and media。In the following creation, we will continue to expand our team, continue to conduct in-depth research in the aspects of hearing and vision, and continue to create art works that are born in and long in sichuan Mei Campus based on the local seasonal changes。”