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The school will hold the 2022 "Fun Infinity" Spring Festival Garden Party
Published time: December 23, 2021 16:21 Author: Source: Youth League Committee    浏览:

December 22nd afternoon, in order to meet the coming New Year's Day festival, active festive atmosphere, rich students' campus life, guide students to go off the network, out of the dormitory, to the playground。The 2022 "Fun Infinity" Spring Festival of our school opened in the football field of Huxi Campus。This activity is sponsored by the Committee of The Communist Youth League of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, undertaken by the Student Union of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, co-organized by the student union of all secondary colleges, and attended by nearly 1,000 teachers and students of the university。

This Spring Festival garden party was planned and participated by the students' union of all secondary colleges, and 12 interesting projects were carefully prepared for the students, including the nose sticking and paper airplane dream full of childhood memories, as well as the competitive bowling and peace elite。由公共艺术学院负责的“吹球入碗”既考验参与者的气息掌握又考验心理素质;大学生艺术团负责的“定点投篮”项目则充分考验参与者的眼力和投掷技巧。

Each is full of fun and competitive games to attract teachers and students to participate actively, the scene atmosphere is warm。Participants receive a stamp redeemable for a commemorative prize for each successful challenge。Students gained joy and experience in challenging success and failure, and experienced the fun of competition, cooperation and sharing。

This activity not only shows the elegant demeanour of the students in Chuanmei, creates a strong festive atmosphere, but also enrichis the campus cultural life of the students, guides them to the playground, actively participates in sports, and strengthens their bodies。In response to the national aesthetic education, physical education, labor education call at the same time, to promote after-class, stimulate the youth of students。