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The university organizes new counselors in 2021 to participate in the college counselor orientation training sponsored by the Municipal Education Working Committee
Published: December 23, 2021 16:33 Author: Source: Student Affairs Office    浏览:

According to the arrangement of the Municipal Education Working Committee, on the morning of December 16, the 2021 training for college counselors in Chongqing officially began。In order to do a good job in this training, the student Work department of our school is responsible for compaction, and earnestly organizes 15 full-time and part-time counselors who will be newly recruited in 2021 to actively participate in the training。

This training is sponsored by municipal Education Working Committee,Carried out by the Training center of Ideological and Political Staff in Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education (Southwest University),It will be carried out in two stages by combining online and offline,The first stage is online intensive training,于12月16-18日举行;第二阶段为线下强化培训,Other arrangements will be made at a later date based on the epidemic situation。

The online intensive training has been successfully completed, with a total of 6 special study sessions held。The training covers a wide range of aspects, including the spirit of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, ideological and political education for college students, theoretical and practical research on counselors' work, online ideological and political education, and response to campus crises。During the training, the staff strictly strengthened the process management and supervision, made good attendance records, regularly uploaded photos of the training site every day, and paid close attention to relevant training information to ensure the smooth and orderly development of the training。Participants actively participate in online teaching interaction, solid study of the courses, and strive to apply the training to practical work, to strengthen the training effect。

The Student Affairs Department will continue to strengthen the organization and management of the second phase of offline intensive training,Strengthen process management and supervision,Ensure smooth and orderly training,Improve the ideological understanding, theoretical foundation, professional quality and professional skills of new counselors,We will further strengthen the construction of counselors in our school,Constantly improve the quality and level of our students' work。