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The school welcomes the class of 2021 students from all over the world
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"Warmly welcome chuanmei 2021", "The best season is the most beautiful meeting", "Youth is brilliant through suffering and life is sublimated through struggle". In the new semester, a series of heart-warming slogans welcome the new students of Chuanmei 2021

September 8th and 9th are the registration days for the freshmen of class 2021。More than 2100 new students with youthful aspirations and beautiful aspirations enter Chuanmei university to open a new chapter of life in the best state。

In order to ensure the safety and orderly progress of new Welcome work under the normal epidemic prevention and control,The school issued a work plan for 2021 freshmen orientation,Check the orientation preparation several times,Hold a special coordination meeting on welcome new students,Coordinate the cooperation of all departments,Continue to use the online orientation system,Simplify the check-in process,To ensure the safety and smooth completion of the new work。

On September 8, Tang Qingyang, secretary of the Party Committee of the university, visited the welcome site to inspect the progress of the welcome work and the registration of new students。唐青阳书记与新同学及家长亲切交谈,欢迎新同学们加入川美大家庭,勉励他们尽快适应新的学习环境;感谢家长们因疫情防控无法陪伴孩子进入校园的理解与配合。唐青阳叮嘱各部门、各学院要各司其职、加强配合,务必做到常态化疫情防控不松懈,为新生安全和健康保驾护航;服务要热情周到细致,让每一位新生都感受到学校的温暖。

On September 9th, Vice President Duan Shengfeng led a team to visit the registration sites of the secondary colleges, inspected and guided the welcome work of the secondary colleges, deeply understood the organization and development of the welcome work of the colleges, and visited the staff in the front line of the welcome。

The Student Affairs Office and the School Committee have set up reception stations at Chongqing West Railway Station and Chongqing North Railway Station to pick up new students by bus, so that students who are far away from home can feel the care and warmth of the school as soon as they leave the station。

The youth League committee of the school and the student volunteers of the secondary colleges dressed in uniform, and set up welcome service points at the south gate and the student canteen square to introduce the situation of the college to the new students and guide them to apply for admission procedures。


The Party Committee of the party office also arranged staff and volunteers from various departments of the party office in turn to assist in checking health codes, travel codes and negative nucleic acid test certificates to maintain the order of the welcome scene. Together with student volunteers and property management staff, they carried luggage for new students regardless of rain or shine。

On the scene of welcome, the school also set up a green channel to answer the school's subsidy policy and guide the new students to deal with tuition deferment procedures, so as to ensure that the students from poor families have no worries。

On the evening of September 8, the university organized a centralized nucleic acid test for non-Chongqing freshmen in the Multi-function Hall. The test site was orderly and the centralized nucleic acid test was successfully completed。

After registration, the school will carry out a series of activities such as entrance education, physical examination and military training。With a new identity, the class of 2021 Chuanmei students will embark on a wonderful journey of study and write a glorious chapter with their youth。

(Photo: Publicity Department, Student Affairs Office, Youth League Committee, Yang Jinliang)


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