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The school held a symposium to celebrate the 37th Teachers' Day
Published time: September 10, 2021 17:33 authors: Yi Kun, Yang Qinghe Source: Personnel Office    浏览:

On the morning of September 10th, our school held a symposium in conference room 5 to celebrate the 37th Teachers' Day。All the school leaders attended the symposium, and representatives of experts and teachers, faculty and staff with more than 30 years of working experience in colleges and universities, administrators, teaching assistants, workers, dispatched personnel and students attended the symposium。The meeting was presided over by Pang Maokun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the University。

The meeting began with a ceremony to commend the faculty and staff who have worked in colleges and universities for over 30 years。Student representatives presented flowers to the teachers, while Party Secretary Tang Qingyang and president Pang Maokun presented certificates of honor to representatives of faculty and staff who have worked for more than 30 years。Later, Huang Qin, director of the School security Department, as a representative of the faculty and staff who has worked in the university for over 30 years, shared his understanding of participating in witnessing the construction and development of the university, as well as his determination to stick to his responsibilities and work hard for the development of the university。

Student representatives, staff representatives, representatives of young teachers and experts delivered speeches one after another。Zhou Qingxi, 2018 undergraduate student of College of Arts and Humanities, delivered a speech on behalf of all students,Thanksgiving bless the hard work of all teachers,Determined to study hard,Not as long,不负师恩;职工代表张程结合自身日常工作和经历,Affectionately narrated the chuanmei staff in their ordinary post of hard work and growth story,展现职工在jdb电子游戏和人才培养上的初心情怀;青年教师代表吴亚娜真切感受到川美是一个美丽绚烂、能够安放梦想、成就事业、温馨、有归属感、安全感的家,I have gained a lot of love and care in Chuanmei,Have a lot of teachers and friends,有很大的成就感;专家代表黄宗贤就把握人才培养的价值导向、正确处理好“学”与“术”的关系培育健全的人格、身体力行做艺术成为学术标杆、艺术家要有家国情怀与学校的发展相结合等方面,Elaborated own profound insight。

The atmosphere at the symposium was warm。Seven teachers, including Hao Dapeng, Peng Zhaorong, Chen Shuzhong, Zhang Qiang, Zhou Zongkai, He Guiyan and Pan Zhaonan, put forward valuable, forward-looking and constructive suggestions on "local art" and "Traditional Chinese culture" from their respective research fields and centering on the direction and target orientation of the school's long-term development。

Finally, Party Secretary Tang Qingyang made a concluding speech。He first represented the university party committee and administration,Through the symposium to the whole school teachers and education workers, retired comrades to extend holiday congratulations and sincere sympathy,I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedication,It is believed that the exchange speech at the meeting reflects the family and country feelings of intellectuals,It has important reference value for the future work of the school。

Tang Qingyang pointed out that the solid educational foundation, rich educational accumulation and distinctive educational characteristics of Chuanmei are the glorious results of the hard work of all generations of Chuanmei people。Chuanmei people teach, manage and serve in their respective positions, gradually forming the "Chuanmei phenomenon" that takes root in people's creations of The Times, highlighting the "Chuanmei spirit" that connects with national strategy and serves social development, and creating the "Chuanmei characteristics" that produces talents and works.。

At present, the university is based on the new starting point of the authorized unit of the doctoral program. Tang Qingyang put forward four requirements:

First, we will continue to study and apply Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and general Secretary Xi Jinping's important discussions on education, literature and art。Hope that the majority of staff firmly establish the socialist ideals and beliefs with Chinese characteristics, the concept of lifelong learning, reform and innovation consciousness,Striving to be a good teacher with ideals, beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge and a benevolent heart,Strive to be the guide for students to temper their character, the guide for students to learn knowledge, the guide for students to innovate their thinking, and the guide for students to dedicate their motherland.,Realize the unity of teaching and educating people,Be consistent with your words and deeds,Focus on asking questions and paying attention to society,Unification of Academic Freedom and Academic Norms。

Second, to further strengthen the construction of teachers' ethics。Hope that the majority of staff to fully understand their solemn and sacred mission,Carry forward the spirit of ownership,Cherish the reputation of teachers,Stand up for professional dignity,Self-study, self-education and self-improvement,Enhance the realm of ethics,Teachers' ethics will be actively integrated into the practice of education and teaching, management and service, scientific research and social service,Improve the practice ability of teachers' ethics,Carry forward the fine tradition of stressing introspection and self-restraint,See the virtues in the small,Observe the virtues of teachers in daily life,Develop the habit of self-discipline。

Third, we need to further strengthen capacity building。It is hoped that the faculty and staff should keep in mind what General Secretary Xi Jinping said, "those who are not new must retire day by day", integrate into the new arts, be good at learning new knowledge, new technology and new theories, focus on the world's academic frontiers and the major needs of the country, commit themselves to solving practical problems, and become experts, masters and educators。Artistic creation should take root in daily life and take root among the people. We should continue to produce fine works that eulogize the Party, the motherland, the people and heroes. We should cultivate a large number of eminent masters with both moral integrity and artistic integrity, and cultivate a large number of high-level creative talents。Manage the team and logistics team,Study education and the arts,Optimize, simplify and visualize management, service system and process,To create first-class management, first-class service,To become a management expert and service expert with focus, research and breakthrough in a certain aspect,We will modernize the school governance system and capacity。

Fourth, the university will further strengthen the construction of talent team。During the "14th Five-year Plan", the university will adhere to the people-oriented, strengthen top-level design, and establish a diversified talent introduction, training and use system。We should intensify training efforts so that young and middle-aged teachers can grow into talents as soon as possible。Teachers, management and logistics are equally important, but more resources should be allocated to teachers。We should ensure that both the employees on the payroll and those on the payroll are treated equally, and attach importance to the building and management of the contingent on the payroll。To fully stimulate the vitality of the school talent, in the school to create a strong atmosphere of respect for teachers and education, for the majority of teachers and educators to create peace of mind from teaching, enthusiastic from teaching, comfortable from teaching, meditation from teaching conditions, effectively enhance the majority of staff identity, belonging, sense of honor, sense of happiness, sense of security。

Tang Qingyang finally expressed his hope that the teachers and educators of the university would embrace the new era, base on the new stage, practice new ideas and new concepts, learn the history of the Party, strengthen faith, honor teachers' ethics, educate new people, and strive to show new achievements in the journey of building a "domestic first-class and internationally famous" college of fine Arts。

After the meeting, Jiao Xingtao, vice president of the University, the labor union and the Personnel Department visited the comrades involved in rural revitalization and the staff in difficulties on behalf of the university. They sent flowers and cards to the teachers and conveyed the greetings and blessings of the university。The Propaganda department of the Party Committee will also launch special reports on the style of school experts。

(Photo: Yang Jinliang)


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