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"Contemporary Chinese Painting Art Exhibition" sponsored by the National Art Fund of our school has been exhibited in Malta and Germany
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On December 2nd, the 2019 National Art Fund funded project "Eulogize this Time -- Light Up Europe and China" contemporary Chinese Painting Exhibition hosted by our school opened at The Chinese Cultural Center in Malta。Yang Xiaolong, Director of The Chinese Cultural Center of Malta, and Adrian Mamo, President of the Arts Association of Malta, joined the participating artists in the celebration。Pang Maokun, vice chairman of Chinese Artists Association, chairman of Chongqing Artists Association and president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and Ding Ning, curator general consultant and professor of Peking University, delivered a video speech。Zhang 湸, curator and associate professor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, introduced the exhibition。

The exhibition is the first of its kind to be held by the Malta China Cultural Center since the outbreak of COVID-19, featuring 100 works by 39 artists。These works are mainly contemporary Chinese paintings, covering ink, color ink, meticulous brushwork and heavy color, and murals, oil paintings, prints, watercolor, rock color and other art categories incorporating Chinese image style are displayed in comparison with Chinese paintings。Based on the Chinese aesthetic perspective, the work skillfully integrates images and realistic techniques, innovatively uses the western aesthetic "light" elements to shape the vivid artistic conception and aesthetic connotation of the spirit of the Chinese cultural symbols and the unique ethnic customs of Europe in harmony。

From experienced artists with distinctive styles to up-and-coming artists,From inheriting the traditional Oriental aesthetic value to the new exploration of innovation and integration of east and west,From the in-depth excavation of the essence of traditional painting to the organic combination of the new era of artistic spirit display,The exhibition breaks national, temporal and cultural boundaries,It showcases the imagination, creativity and exquisite artistic attainments of contemporary Chinese artists。

Chinese Ambassador to Malta Yu Dunhai said,This is a comprehensive exhibition of contemporary Chinese paintings,Go to the "heart of the Mediterranean" as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,Art takes care of life,Close the heart,More affectionate,It embodies the profound traditional friendship between China and Malaysia and the mutual assistance during the epidemic。

Xinhua News Agency carried a graphic and video report on the exhibition。The Art Society of Malta will use local channels to promote the exhibition, with a self-titled exhibition featuring different works scheduled for March next year。

On December 5th, the contemporary Chinese painting art exhibition "Eulogy for A Hundred Years -- Lighting Up Europe", sponsored by Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and co-organized by German Chinese Art Center and Czech Chinese Center, opened at German Chinese Art Center in Frankfurt, Germany。The exhibition is funded by the National Art Fund of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2019。

Principal Pang Maokun delivered a speech via video: "The exhibition was successively held in Czech, Malta and Germany, bringing us a visual feast of contemporary Chinese painting。The exhibition integrates Oriental meaning with Western aesthetics, Chinese spirit with European ethnic customs, exotic landscape with Chinese verve. It not only shows the imagination, creativity and exquisite artistic attainments of Chinese contemporary artists, but also highlights the visual beauty and emotional resonance created by cultural integration。It is hoped that the German audience can feel the tolerance of Chinese art and Chinese people to cultural diversity, and the vision of building a harmonious and beautiful world. It is hoped that the exhibition can enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples, and further promote the normalization and diversification of cultural exchanges between China and Germany。We look forward to taking this opportunity to strengthen the interaction and communication between Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and German art schools, and jointly promote the new development of art education。Welcome to Chongqing, China. Welcome to Sichuan Fine Arts Institute!"

Mr. Micheal Brochmann, former Director general of the Department of European and International Affairs in Hesse, Germany, expressed his love for China in his speech。He believes that the exhibition is very important for Germany to truly understand China and the life of the Chinese people。Jumas Medoff, member of Frankfurt City Council and chairman of the Foreign Council, said: "There are still too many unknowns about the art of contemporary Chinese painting,I am very glad to have this new opportunity to have a deeper understanding of Chinese painting art,It will also enhance mutual understanding between the Chinese and German people。In his congratulatory message, Mayor Roedermark expressed his congratulations on the exhibition of contemporary Chinese painting art from China and said that he would come to the Chinese Art Center in Germany to observe the exhibition。

Yang Xiaolong, Director of the Chinese Cultural Center in Malta, delivered a congratulatory message on the opening day。Zhang Yan, director of The Supervision Department of China National Art Fund and Chongqing Expert Service Center, Tang Tao, deputy Director of art Department of Chongqing Culture and Tourism Commission, famous Chinese painters 郭怡孮, Professor Su Baijun, and Professor Pan Zhaonan, director of creative Research Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts all sent congratulatory messages to wish the Exhibition in Germany a complete success。Professor Ding Ning of Peking University, Professor Wang Yingsheng, dean of the School of Restoration of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Dean of the Academy of Art Creation, director of the Mural Art Committee of the Chinese Artists Association, and Professor Qiu Ting, famous Chinese painter and professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts gave speeches online respectively。

Through careful preparation, the curators of this exhibition invited some representative works of Chinese artists to form a grand exhibition with diversified styles, visual diversity and themes。It can be seen in the exhibition that there is not only a description of current real life, but also a poetic expression of romantic scenery and landscape。Both a tree and grass sentimentality, but also the vast description of thousands of rocks and ravines。From the vision to the view of nature, the present form of people and landscape, people and society is presented in a rich way。The extension of subject matter and the diversity of artistic techniques all fully reflect the thriving state of Chinese art。Dr. 湸, the curator and associate professor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, said that the exhibition brought the visual aesthetic feast with Oriental characteristics to Europe, reflected the artist's artistic expression of the new vision of globalization, and explored a new path for the innovative development of Chinese painting。By depicting the colorful natural scenery and cultural features of China and European countries, the cultural spirit embodied in the Belt and Road initiative will be highlighted, the value concept of "a community with a shared future for mankind" will be interpreted, the Chinese story will be told, and the Voice of China will be heard。

The theme of the exhibition is "A Hundred Years of Eulogue lighting Up Central Europe at this time" -- contemporary Chinese painting art exhibition,"Ode to a Hundred Years",It doesn't just mean showing works that celebrate China's centennial achievements,We will also create and display unique works based on the history, culture and style of China and Europe,从而产生令人意想不到的效果;“点亮欧洲”是中国之光的照射和引领,That is, the spread and lighting of Chinese charm。

The exhibition is divided into five themes: "Symbiosis -- Elegant Scenery", "Tolerance -- World Integration", "Ode -- Phoenix West", "Silk Road -- China and Europe" and "Development -- Empire Silhouette"。The exhibition is dominated by Chinese paintings, works from experienced artists with distinct styles, inheriting and reflecting traditional Oriental aesthetics。The number of works and artists in this exhibition is quite large,The reason is that on the one hand, with the development of China's politics, economy and society,China's cultural sector is booming,Young talents in the field of Chinese painting are springing up like mushrooms,The other is the grim situation of the epidemic,It's not easy to travel all the way to Germany for an exhibition,Creative reorganization through works of different themes and styles,To present the whole face of contemporary Chinese painting。

German local guests attending the opening ceremony of the exhibition also include: S&Mr. Shan Keli, General Manager of G Company, Ms. Chen Yujiao, General Manager of Europe of 4PX Group, Mr. Zhang Yan, a well-known Chinese lawyer in Germany and others。Professor Zhang Hong from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts led graduate students to watch the opening ceremony of cloud in guizhou, and spoke in the seminar to express their strong affirmation and support for the exhibition。More than 60 artists attended the cloud opening ceremony, which lasted nearly three hours。The exhibition will be on display until New Year's Day 2022。