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Professors Pang Maokun, Jiao Xingtao and Xie Yaping of our university came to Beijing to attend the 11th National Congress of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles
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On December 17, the five-day 11th National Congress of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the 10th National Congress of China Writers association came to a successful conclusion in Beijing。Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chinese President and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended and delivered an important speech。

Xi put forward five hopes for literary and art workers. First, they must focus on the cause of national rejuvenation,热忱描绘新时代新征程的恢宏气象;二是坚守人民立场,书写生生不息的人民史诗;三是坚持守正创新,用跟上时代的精品力作开拓文艺新境界;四是用情用力讲好中国故事,向世界展现可信、可爱、可敬的中国形象;五是坚持弘扬正道,In the pursuit of virtue and art in achieving the value of life。

Xi pointed out that literature and art bear the responsibility of becoming a man of virtue。立德树人的人,必先立己;铸魂培根的人,必先铸己。The broad masses of literary and art workers should unify their personal moral cultivation, social image and the social effects of their works, stick to their artistic ideals, pursue both moral and artistic integrity, and strive to preserve the integrity of history, promote virtue for the world and leave a clear name for themselves by virtue of their noble ethics and works of both literary quality and beauty。Literature and art should be popular, but never vulgar, vulgar or kitsch。Literature and art should live, but must not become producers, followers and advocates of undesirable trends。We should create new ideas in literature and art, but we should never produce anything bizarre or outdated。Literature and art should be efficient, but they should never be tainted with the stench of copper and enslaved to the market。Creation depends on painstaking efforts, performance depends on strength, image depends on shaping, benefit depends on quality, reputation depends on virtue and art。The broad masses of literary and art workers should cherish their social influence and seriously consider the social effects of their works。一个文艺工作者如果品行不端,人民不会接受,时代也不会接受!不自重就得不到尊重!广大文艺工作者要讲品位、讲格调、讲责任,堂堂正正做人、清清白白做事,歌颂真善美、针砭假恶丑。We should promote professional ethics and create an atmosphere of self-respect, mutual learning and a clean sky。



President Pang Maokun, vice President Jiao Xingtao and Dean xie Yaping of the School of Art Education of our school, as representatives of the Chongqing delegation of this year's Literary Congress, came to Beijing to attend the congress. They listened to General Secretary Xi's important speech on the scene, feeling very excited and deeply encouraged。They all expressed that at the new historical starting point, they would implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and contribute sichuan Beauty energy to the realization of the second Centenary Goal and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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