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The school organized students of "Qingma Project" to visit and practice the achievements of "Five Cities" construction
Published time: December 21, 2021 11:57 Author: Source: Youth League Committee    浏览:

In order to further stimulate young students' sense of responsibility and mission in the new era of building socialist ecological civilization, according to the requirements of the relevant documents of the Municipal Education Commission, on December 15th, the Youth League Committee of the university organized 46 students of the second phase of the university "Qingma Project" college students to visit and practice the achievements of "Five Cities" construction。

"Five cities" refers to the construction plan of historical mother city in the central part of Chongqing, ecological city in the east, scientific city in the west, cultural city in the south and intelligent city in the north。The first stop of this practice activity is Guangyang Island, which is the focus of the construction of the ecological city in the east. It is the leading place to play the demonstration role of green development and also the practice base of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization ideological education。

Students in the youth League teachers Wu Qian, Yang Han under the leadership,Field visits were made along the ecological restoration sites such as Gaofeng Terrace, Dongdaotou, Guangyangying, Shengli Meadow and Anti-Japanese War airport site,The restoration of mountains and water bodies was also observed,We enjoyed the original rural scenery of Bayu with rolling hills, connected streams and stacked terraces on Guangyang Island,To understand the ecological restoration strategies of Guangyang Island, including "protecting mountains, managing water, managing forests, thinning fields, clearing lakes and enriching grass" and the effects brought by relevant measures。

After visiting Guangyang Island, the students went to Huangjueping, "the city of culture and culture in the south", and entered the Yangtze River Culture and Art Bay area bearing the youth and feelings of countless Sichuanese. They experienced the cultural creation and cultural tourism development achievements of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Huangjueping Graffiti Street and its surrounding areas。Students felt the visual impact of art here, and experienced the charm of humanity and the energy of art in the colorful streets。

Through this "five cities" construction achievements visit practice activities,In the field study, the students learned about the current situation and future of chongqing green construction and humanities and arts,I deeply appreciate the importance and practical significance of the ecological development concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains",We have further strengthened our sense of responsibility and mission in building a new era of socialist ecological civilization。