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Deepen the reform of professional title and give full play to the inspiring and guiding role of professional title -- The school held the 2021 Teacher Professional title Evaluation Mobilization Meeting
Published time: December 23, 2021 15:32 authors: Yang Qinghe, Yi Kun Source: Personnel Department    浏览:

On the morning of December 22nd, the school held the 2021 Professional title appraisal mobilization meeting in the fifth conference room。All home school leaders, members of the professional title appraisal expert database, and the party and government leaders of the secondary units attended the meeting。The meeting was presided over by vice president Jiao Xingtao。

Jiao Xingtao introduced the main changes of professional title appraisal work this year, and read out the Rules of Procedure of professional Title Appraisal Discipline Group of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and the Rules of Procedure of Senior Professional Title Appraisal Committee of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.。Huang Yun, secretary of the DISCIPLINE Inspection Commission, read out several provisions of the Committee of sichuan Fine Arts Institute on Further Strengthening discipline of Professional title Appraisal。

President Pang Maokun for professional title review work mobilization speech。Point out, whole school teaching staff wants to raise understanding, unify thought。Learn and apply the new ideas, new strategies and new measures of general Secretary Xi Jinping on talent work in the new era, and fully understand the importance of professional title evaluation to the high-quality development of talent team and "double first-class" discipline。Require the whole school staff to understand the policy, accurate grasp。Thoroughly implement the Overall Plan for Deepening Education Evaluation Reform in the New Era,Accurately understand the core meaning of "Break five Wei",Think deeply about the relationship between research and teaching,In understanding the relevant policy,We should be aware of red lines, bottom lines and potential dangers,Strictly control quality control and procedure control,We will do a solid job in evaluating professional titles this year,Coagulate people, motivate faculty and staff to produce more results。He hoped that the whole school staff fully understood, reached a consensus。We should fully understand the document and the spirit of the meeting and reach a consensus from the perspective of academic orientation, employment orientation, core competitiveness and long-term development of the school。Experts and judges of each discipline group before the evaluation,To further refine the standards,Full evaluation of academic level, related achievements and contributions,Highlight the political, academic and professional orientation of standards,Adhere to the results display and performance contribution as the first principle,Strictly enforce the rules of review,Strictly observe the review discipline,Work together to create a fair and just professional title appraisal ecosystem。We will further deepen the reform of professional title evaluation, encourage faculty and staff to be willing, able and successful, give full play to the stimulating and guiding role of professional title evaluation, and promote the early realization of the goal of "first-class in China and internationally well-known"。

Tang Qingyang, secretary of the Party Committee, said in his concluding speech that the university attaches great importance to and has studied this year's professional title evaluation work many times, and has formulated two rules and a discipline regulation to ensure that this year's professional title evaluation is standardized, strict and fair。He put forward three requirements: first, fully understand the significance of professional title evaluation。Professional title evaluation is related to the development of the school, the development of disciplines, the personal development of professional and technical personnel, and the credibility and reputation of judges and staff。Relevant personnel should deeply understand the significance of professional title evaluation, and truly select talents with good moral character, strong performance ability, rich teaching practice and excellent academic achievements. They should not disappoint the trust and great trust of the Party Committee and school, as well as the trust and expectation of teachers and students。Second, accurately grasp the evaluation criteria of professional title evaluation。Before evaluating professional titles, it is necessary to study conditions, rules and disciplines carefully, and implement the "three characteristics and two degrees" principles, such as political standards, professional standards and academic standards, as well as achievement display and performance contribution, into all links of the evaluation of professional titles, with emphasis on key points, accurate evaluation and practical results。Third, strictly abide by the discipline rules of professional title evaluation。The professional title evaluation must resolutely implement the school's system, resolutely abandon the "acquaintance society" evaluation method, strictly abide by the discipline, clean and upright, with rules and systems as the code of conduct, to ensure a fair, open and just way, truly for the school's evaluation of first-class talents。Tang Qingyang finally pointed out that at the new starting point of the development of the university, the university needs to vigorously create a good environment for talent recognition, love, use, accommodate and gather talents to provide a solid talent guarantee for the realization of the grand vision of "first-class in China and internationally well-known"。

According to the arrangement of the meeting, the leaders and experts discussed in groups such as the relationship between achievement support and weight, and how to highlight representative achievements and contribution of achievements by "Unique Five", centering on the discipline construction objectives of the university's "14th Five-Year Plan" and the construction of doctoral program and doctoral training。

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