A tender announcement
Announcement of termination of playground Renovation of Huangjueping Campus of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (21B00068)
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I. Basic information of the project

Procurement Project No. :21B00068            Procurement Executive No. :SCMY2021J002 Purchasing Method:Competitive negotiation        

Procurement Project Name:Reconstruction of playground in Huangjueping Campus of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts        

Ii. Reasons for termination of the project

As the purchaser and the winning bidder cannot reach an agreement on the construction technology, further execution may damage the purchaser's interests。Plans to suspend the execution of this purchase, re-tender。

Name list of negotiating team members

Iv. Other supplementary matters

V. If you want to inquire about the contents of this announcement, please contact us in the following ways

1. Purchaser information

Buyer: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Purchasing Agent: Zhang Xiaodong

Tel: 02365921088

Buyer's Address: No.56, South University Road, Shapingba District, Chongqing

2. Project contact information

Project contact person: Zhang Xiaodong

Project Contact Number:



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