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First of all, we choose art because we love it。

From ancient times to the present, art constantly transcends established norms and existing logic, and is the carrier of possibility and imagination。On the one hand, it seeks spiritual refuge for the real life; on the other hand, it provides the form and direction of dreams for the future, shining brightly in the long river of civilization。

People can do what they like in life, is happy。It depends on the choice and pursuit of youth. Through learning, experience and thinking, we constantly correct our ultimate direction and pursue it persistently. Only on the way beyond personal and time limitations, can we comprehend more creative happiness and harvest more meaning of existence, and finally turn our dreams into reality of life。

Today's young people have more opportunities to realize their dreams. We are fortunate to be in the great era of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。Culture and art are important signs of the development of an era。"Luo Zhongli Scholarship" aims to reward outstanding young students with persistent pursuit of art and creative spirit,Build a platform for them to show their talent,And to the relevant art institutions, art galleries, galleries recommended,To provide opportunities and possibilities for continuing to create art after graduation,For the development of Chinese art to foster backup new people。

There is no future without the past。From 1992 to 1998, Mr. Lin Mingzhe, chairman of The Taiwan Mountain Art Foundation, established the luo Zhongli Scholarship. Over the past seven years, 35 winners have been born, many of whom have gradually become active new forces in the Chinese art circle。Mr Yau Hao-ran, a younger overseas Chinese, picked up the baton,His reverence for art and civilization,It brought out in him an expansive mind,并以实际行动“来祝愿中国新艺术变得更加伟大!”在这里,I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Lam ming-che and Mr. Chow Ho Yan。

Starting from 2020, the scholarship will be organized by the museum, which can identify and inspire a number of future outstanding talents in the Chinese art circle, and also provide useful Chinese experience for the form of "scholarship" foundation。

I have a word of encouragement with the young students: "When the weather is just right, go to work in the fields。"To hope that we cherish the present, believe in the future。

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