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2019-2020 Tank House · Chongqing Contemporary Art Center Studio Application Notice
Published date: 2019-05-24 By Tankku · Chongqing Contemporary Art Center

2019-2020Tanks library· Chongqing Contemporary Art Center Studio application notice

Tanks library· Since its establishment, Chongqing Contemporary Art Center, as an experimental, inclusive and open academic platform, is open to the whole country in June every year and accepts studio applications。

2019-2020The annual studio application is now open and the details are as follows:

1. Artists and arts organisations who are actively engaged in artistic creation and have the spirit of experimentation are welcome to apply;

2. In order to adhere to the purpose of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute to incubate new artists, encourage and support young artists, the applicant's age should not exceed in principle45周岁。

3. In order to ensure the vitality and fluidity of the center, artists who have been in the center for two years or more are not allowed to apply in principle。For further application, please provide your academic achievements in the past two years or your special contributions to the Centre。

Iv. In order to ensure the academic nature of the center, commercial operation institutions and institutions unrelated to art are not accepted in principle。Special situations, such as providing services for the academic operation of the institute and the center, and providing interaction for resident artists, can be explained on the application。

Five: application method

1: Application is submitted时间2019615之前

2: Application materials:

    (1) Complete the "201"9-2020Application form for Studio Entry"Paper documentsIn duplicate

      Please see the attachment for the form and download it yourself。

    (2) 10 representative works in the last three years (A4 printed)。Below the front of the picture, please indicate the title of the work, materials, creation year, author's name)。

    (3) ONE PPT electronic file, including: personal photos, personal art resume, 10 representative works in the last three years (each work indicates the name of the work, materials, creation date), creation/exhibition/activity plan after the application, personal contact information。

    Please submit the above information together。Incomplete information will not be accepted

3. Application submission Method:

    (1) Face-to-face submission:

   请于20196月1014In the morning,9:00-11:30;下午2:30-5:00),将完整的申请材料,面交Tank depot Management office。Please provide usb flash drive for on-site copy of electronic files。No email is accepted。

    (2) SF Express

   请于20196月15Before (subject to delivery time)Along abundant expressTo the tank depot management office。Please provide electronic documentsU disk copy。U disk。No email is accepted。No other mail is accepted。Collect is not accepted。

    Tank depot Management office:

    Address: Room 218, Administration Building, New Campus of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, South University Road, Shapingba District, Chongqing 401331, China

    电  话:

    垂  询:Teacher zhang


    (1) For artists/art institutions who voluntarily leave, please contact6月15Before, inform the tank depot management office in writing (written materials should be submitted in person or by SF Express,同上)。并于6月30日Before, pay the water and electricity rent, clean up the studio(Please download it yourselfWithdrawal form, please see annex for details)7月15Accept the college inspection and return the key。With a signed deposit form, rent withdrawal form, return the deposit to the Finance Office of the college。Failure to pay the water fee and rent on time or damage to the studio will be dealt with seriously by the college。

    (2) Artists/art institutions need to renew their lease of Tank Depot Studio in June15Recently, submit written application to the Tank depot Management Office (written application should be submitted in person and by Shunfeng Express)。

 Vi: All applications will be uniformly evaluated by experts organized by the college。


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附件【Tank House Studio Campus Artist Application form.doc】 have downloaded

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