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Chinese digital Resources
Superstar electronic resources RNPC "Photocopying Newspaper Materials" Series Database (remote)
Periodical library of Chinese fine literary works CNKI Resource Base (remote)
CNKI Resource Base (local) CNKI China Citation Database
Weipu Chinese periodical service platform Arts Education Multimedia Resource Service Platform (Local Video Library)
Arts Education Multimedia Resource Service Platform (Remote) VIP test service platform
Online Lecture Hall (Video resources) T100 Clothing trend network
ArtBase Chinese Art photo gallery Artron Art Book City (Remote)
New Oriental Multimedia Learning Library Lion Art Knowledge base
Wanfang Knowledge Service Platform (Doctoral papers, journal papers, conference papers) Data Park Database - Big Data drives design and business decisions
World fine works and Famous Works Photo Gallery (World Famous Paintings) Photo Gallery of World fine works and Famous Works (Famous Chinese Paintings)
Baidu Wenku University edition Chinese comic book Digital Library
Cultural Industry Database (Public art resource O2O service platform) Traditional Chinese Painting Art Gallery of past dynasties
(Public art resource O2O service platform) Western Oil painting Art Gallery Jingdong reading
Super star journals Artron Art Book City (Local mirror)
RNPC "Photocopying Newspaper Materials" Series Database (local) Arts Education Multimedia Resource Service Platform (Local Photo Gallery)
TWB Database of Taiwan academic books Shadow Play Digital Museum
World high-quality and famous photo gallery (design, geography, film materials) World quality and Famous Photo Gallery (local mirror)
Designers House resource library Entrance training system
University town resource sharing network platform: ideological and political resource service platform for college students Read Show Knowledge Base
Foreign language digital resources
Oxford Art Online Oxford Grove Art Online Oxford Grove Music Oxford Grove Music Online
Art & Architecture Source(Art and Architecture Thematic Library) JSTOR Database of Western Art Theory
Bridgeman Art Library Camio Art Museum
Architecture Open Library Is a database of European architectural materials Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text (film vs...
The trial resources
Artlib World Art Appreciation library De Gruyter Burkhouse architecture e-books
Taylor & Francis, Humanities and Social sciences Architectural Digest Magazine's collection
Contribution analysis system for academic journals Iresearch love academic
Economic data base Encyclopedia database of Traditional Chinese calligraphy
"Iread select" quality reading e-book platform MET English Learning Resource for all
College students quality education O2O resource service platform Skills training.就业.Entrepreneurship resource service platform
Bloomsbury Design Library Process Design Library Bridgeman Global Digital Art Collection
Hua Fu Zhi database Knowledge Horizon red Classic thematic library
Software access The source element tong
POP Fashion Trends Erudition database of Late Qing Dynasty and Republic of China newspapers
Erudition Database of Modern Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals Chinese Communist Party thought theory resource database
Mr. Cook music Mirror (Mille) psychological resources service platform
Build your own feature database
Southwest art digital information platform
Chongqing University Digital Library
Chongqing University Digital Library
Baidu academic
The news bulletin
Mirror (Mille) Psychological resources services...
"The number of CPC ideological and theoretical resources...
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Library about graduates leaving school related work...
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