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Sichuan Fine Arts Institute has been in operation for 79 years. Its predecessor is Sichuan Provincial Art Academy founded by Li Youxing, Shen Fuwen and other returned art educators in Chengdu in 1940, and southwest People's Art Academy founded by the art backbone of Northwest Military University in Chongqing in 1950。

In 1953, the art and design disciplines of the two schools were merged and southwest Fine Arts College was established, which was located in Huangjueping, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing. In the following year, secondary fine arts school was set up。

In 1959, it was renamed Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts, recruiting four-year undergraduate students and becoming one of the five fine arts colleges in China at that time。

In 1981, it became one of the first master's and bachelor's degree awarding units in China。

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Sichuan Fine Arts Institute is the only college of fine arts in southwest China with a history of 78 years。In 1940, professor Li Youxing, Professor Shen Fuwen and other older artists founded sichuan Provincial Art Academy in Chengdu, which was renamed Chengdu Art Academy at the end of 1950。In 1950, northwest Military And Political University was founded by Marshal He Long as its president...

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