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Introduction of sichuan beauty

Historical evolution

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute has been in operation for 79 years. Its predecessor is Sichuan Provincial Art Academy founded by Li Youxing, Shen Fuwen and other returned art educators in Chengdu in 1940, and southwest People's Art Academy founded by the art backbone of Northwest Military University in Chongqing in 1950。

In 1953, the art and design disciplines of the two schools were merged and southwest Fine Arts College was established, which was located in Huangjueping, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing. In the following year, secondary fine arts school was set up。

In 1959, it was renamed Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts, recruiting four-year undergraduate students and becoming one of the five fine arts colleges in China at that time。

In 1981, it became one of the first master's and bachelor's degree awarding units in China。

School profile

 Sichuan Fine Arts Institute is the only institution of higher learning in southwest China. It has huangjueping Campus in Jiulongpo District and Huxi Campus in Shapingba District, covering a total area of 1200 mu。In November 2018, the school set up an international Design School (West China Art Port) in Liangjiang New District, Chongqing, covering an area of 150 mu.。

The university now consists of the School of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, The School of Plastic Arts, the School of Arts and Humanities, the School of Art Education, the School of Film and Television Animation, the School of Architecture and Environmental Art, the School of Design, the School of Experimental Art and the School of Public Art。Since the beginning of the new century, the university has made rapid development in education. It has built a first-class professional art museum and library, a first-class art creation community, a first-class art teaching demonstration center, and a first-class "mass innovation space" for innovation and entrepreneurship. It has good educational conditions among the professional art colleges and universities in China。

In recent years, the number of undergraduate students reached more than 100,000, and the number of graduate students reached more than 3,000。The university has 628 full-time teachers and 7,550 full-time undergraduates, master's students and international students。

Cultivation of talents

The university has four first-level disciplines of Fine Arts, Design, Drama and Film and Television, and Art Theory, all of which enroll master students。During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, four first-level disciplines are listed as key disciplines of Chongqing for support and construction, among which fine arts and design are listed as first-class disciplines of Chongqing for support and construction。In the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, four first-level disciplines were listed, among which Fine Arts was awarded A- and Design was awarded B+. The discipline strength is in the forefront of similar universities in Chongqing and the whole country。

The university has 22 specialties for undergraduate enrollment,Among them, painting, sculpture, animation, art design, industrial design for the national characteristic construction point,Fine arts, design, drama and film and television are the specialty groups of chongqing characteristic subjects,Ten majors including painting, sculpture, product design, environmental design, visual communication design, costume design, animation, drama and film art, architecture and fine arts theory have been included in chongqing "Three Special" action plan for support and construction。


Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", the school has established the school-running orientation of "domestic first-class, internationally well-known" and the cultivation goal of "high-quality, innovative and practical" artistic talents. Adhering to the principle of "people-oriented" and carrying out comprehensive teaching construction, the school has constructed the talent cultivation mode of "big platform + multi-channel"。For all students, it has created four platforms of "ideological, political and humanities", "professional education", "practical teaching" and "information-based teaching" to ensure the overall quality of undergraduate education。In order to cultivate top-notch creative talents, the school has set up multi-channel training programs, such as "top-notch talent Training", "Characteristic Studio training", "Young artist residency" and "innovation and entrepreneurship education", to support outstanding students with potential to grow into talents。"Ideological and political + art" college students achieved remarkable results in ideological and political education,受到中央政治局委员、重庆市委书记陈敏尔的高度评价;注重专业教育与创新创业教育的融合,荣获“全国深化创新创业教育改革示范高校”、“全国创新创业典型经验高校”称号;持续打造“开放的六月”艺术游展览品牌,获批重庆美育改革实验区;建设特色校园,We will strengthen environmental education,Good personnel training conditions to win a wide range of social praise。In 2018, the school received the undergraduate teaching audit and evaluation by the Expert group of the Ministry of Education and achieved excellent results,The expert group unanimously affirmed: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute has a brilliant history,Achievement is outstanding,Artistic talents abound,Extensive social influence,Is a distinctive,A first-class art school,It is an art college that can represent Chongqing and even Chinese art to the world stage。

In recent years,,The school insists that artistic creation serves the people's growing needs for a better life,We will actively synergize national and local economic and social development strategies,Six provincial-level scientific research platforms, including the Contemporary Visual Art Research Center, a key base of Humanities and social sciences in Chongqing, have been vigorously consolidated,It has also set up a research center for major Theme art creation, a research center for Design Innovation, and a Research Institute for Art and Countryside,Great achievements have been made in the creation of major themes, the improvement of urban cultural quality and the involvement of art in rural revitalization。

Development goals

The second Party Congress of the university proposed: strengthening the leadership of the Party, adhering to the principle of moral cultivation, leading the connotation development and characteristic development of the university with "double first-class", unswervingly moving forward towards the goal of becoming a first-class academy of Fine Arts in China and an internationally famous academy。

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